I love games consoles, and the Wii epitomises all that I love about them…

So, please enjoy this website where I will discuss all things about the Wii…

Please leave your comments on the posts, I would love to hear your views and opinions on the Wii…

At the moment Howaboutawii.com has 2 authors/contributors.

Dan Hibell & Anthony Lifrieri

If you are a budding video games reviewer, an avid gamer, or would love to see your words “in print” here on howaboutawii.com then please the contact form page to get in touch.


Daniel Hibell

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8 Responses to “About”

  1. I ordered a Wii from PC world last week. They told me i was the first one to order the console… i presume the Wii is not in a great deal of demand?

    Is the Wii in great demand at the moment? or will tension rise closer to the launch date.. or even XMAS?


  2. Thanks for the comment.

    As launch day counts down, advertisements increase etc, I believe that the demand will increase. For the price of the Wii and the ability to play as a family, it’s going to be one of the big Christmas sellers!!

    We’ll just have to wait and see, but I believe that pre-ordering is still the best way to get a Wii on launch day, if not you may not be guaranteed a Wii in time for Christmas!!

    The places I would recommend to get the Wii would be:

    Please read my thoughts on the pages of my blog such as:




  3. help anyone,im in the midlands,stoke on trent to be more precise,and i still cant get hold of a wii console for love na money,andone know of any place were i can get one from in my local area,tried all the usual argos dixons those kinda places,god i even went as far as ordering from my cataloge,were there alot more expesive i noticed,but there even out……..

  4. If anyone knows of any other German sites shipping the Wii to the UK please let me know. Amazon Germany and France have obviously stopped this now and I just can’t afford what they’re going for on Ebay!

  5. Hi I have just returned from Budapest I was going to buy one for use in England but the instructions on the outer box stated it could only but used in eea and not compatable in England or switzaland, however reading your blog it sounds like it would be compatable, what do you think thanks ellen

  6. Hi Can anyone tell me if Wii’s from France will work in the Uk.

  7. Hi…first of all….many, many thanks for suggesting Amazon.de for the wii console – I got one through last week and it’s fantastic! J

    Now I just need to get Wii Play, which seems to be even more challenging!

    The German sites appear to have sold out of it, but Amazon.FR look like they’re getting some in stock from tomorrow – do you know if the Remote controller will be compatible with the German model? I guess the games will be ok as you just select English…

    Thanks again!

  8. we have just been to spain and they had shelves full of wii’s for £183.00p if you know anyone who is going they weigh about 4.5kg. in a shop called carrefour

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