Alone in the Dark for Wii is now on sale

The Alone in the Dark Franchise’s paranormal investigator Edward Carnby is back….

The game was released last week here in the UK across all platforms. I haven’t played it yet, but from what I’ve heard it is promising to take gaming into the next-generation.

It is set one night in Central Park, New York.  Playing as Edward you must find the answers to the questions that the supernatural world is posing in one of the most famous locales in the world!

What intrigues me more than anything about this game is the promised, next jump up in innovative gameplay.  The tech demos that were released earlier this year have shown some amazing environmental interaction.

These include:

  • Sticky tape being used to attach a glow-stick to a wall, thus creating a source of light.
  • Using a knife to puncture a blood pack, and then throwing the pack to create a blood trail to lure enemies away from you.

The game is meant to play as if you are in a TV Drama, such as Lost or 24.  This means that each save point will be the end of an episode.  With a re-cap of what happened in the last episode.  Could this be the future of gaming for titles such as this…

Available now to order from, and this could be one of the games of the year for the Wii.

Retailer Description Price Link
Alone in the Dark £27.98
Alone in the Dark £29.99
Alone in the Dark Special Edition £39.99
Alone in the Dark £29.99

Has anyone played it?  Please leave your opinion on the game in the comments section below.

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