Stock Update - Pre-ordering a PS3 - are taking orders!!!

I know that this site is about the Wii…  But I personally appreciate all good computer games.

So to go along with my XBOX 360, my Wii and the other consoles I’ve had throughout the years I’ve pre-ordered a PS3 today!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!

The official launch date in the UK is 23 March 2007…

So I was very happy when I received an email from to say that they are taking pre-orders…

Please see my other posts about Game..  The bottom line is that they are the largest Computer Games retailer in the UK and were allocated the most amount of Wii’s on launch day…  They are sure to get the most on launch day for the PS3 aswell!

So if you are interested, and want to pre-order a PS3 the place I would recommend would be Game.

Click here to go straight to the page!!

The prices aren’t cheap…  But the buzz from the rest of the world is that it is worth it!

The bundles available from Game are:

  1. Sony PlayStation 3 with Resistance: Fall of Man, Call of Duty 3 and Motorstorm = £554.96
  2. Sony PlayStation 3 with Resistance: Fall of Man, Virtua Fighter 5, Virtua Tennis 3 = £564.96

For the record I’ve gone for package 2!!!

If spending over 500 pounds is too much then you can pre-order the PS3 from for £424.99, this is for the console only…  To go to the correct page click here

I promise that the next blogs I post about will be about the Wii!!!!!!!!!

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Something different about the Wii

2 Responses to “Stock Update - Pre-ordering a PS3 - are taking orders!!!”

  1. and I hear they just got Tekken DR. . .

  2. Is Wii play on the German Wii any different to a UK version?


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