Cabelas Outdoor Adventures 2010 Wii Game Review

Cabelas Outdoor AdventureCabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2010 is the newest installment of the hunting series on the Nintendo Wii. While the series has been hailed for it’s sim qualities in years past, the sim has also been denounced for the pacing of the previous games. While the newest installment corrects the pacing problems of previous games, Numerous other problems take a great gaming concept and turn it into an exercise in gaming futility.

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2010 puts you in the boots of a new hunter trying to hunt his way across numerous forests and waterways to gain the trophies to make you a legendary hunter. There’s really not much of a story here but in hunting and fishing games they are not really necessary. The concept of this game is really great as it boasts both hunting and fishing on the same game, and when you can actually hunt, it is pretty exciting. The game also boasts real weapons, clothing, and equipment that you would actually use in a real hunt or fishing trip. They are well designed and bring a greater sense of reality to the experience.

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2010 boasts pretty good graphics on the Wii. The forests, hunters, and animals look fairly real and are well made. The sounds are also right on and for the most part you actually feel like you are in a forest.

The gameplay has a much quicker pace than in previous games and when you have a shot to take on a buck or other animal it is really exhilarating. The fishing is also simple but fun. The challenge does fade in fishing very quickly as it is too easy to catch a fish.

What ruins this game is the movement. Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2010 is designed much like a first person shooter. With all the brush and trees, it can be very hard to navigate when you really can’t get a good view of the field.

The main killer of the game however is the invisible walls in the game. If you have to get to a certain spot in the field you can never just plot a direct route and go there. You have to feel your way through the paths where you will almost always be stopped in a clearing as if you run into an invisible wall.

Between the invisible walls and the bad movement controls, it’s like trying to hunt in a forest with a blindfold on. If anything, I’d rather do that because I can at least feel where I’m going. I don’t know what the makers of this game were thinking allowing the game to come out like that. It’s really a shame because Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2010 really has a great gaming concept that is ruined by terrible controls and weird invisible walls. I thought The Conduit was the worst First Person Shooter on the Wii, but now I stand corrected. Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures 2010 is so bad I recommend you stay away from it like swine flu.

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