UK Gladiators is sponsored by Nintendo Wii

11 05 2008

I’ve just finished watching Gladiators on Sky One here in the UK…

On each advert, a screen is brought up that shows that it is sponsored by NIntendo Wii!!

Is this a piece of clever sponsorship by Nintendo? As the original series of Gladiators peaked at over 19 mllion viewers! Or are they hedging their bets?

Or have Nintendo agreed a deal to develop a Gladiators game exculsively for the Wii? Just speculation, but if it’s true, you’ve heard it here first!!

The actual show was not bad, maybe not as exciting as the original, but as I was a lot younger when that was premiered in the early 90’s, that may be why!!

If you haven’t seen the Gladiators, it’s only available to Sky Digital subscribers… This is because it is only on Sky One.

If you don’t have Sky Digital, click here to get it now!

Wii Fit update - Back in Stock in the UK

2 05 2008

4.20pm: Quick Update guys…

Game, Gamestation & Dixons have all had stock for most of the day. Click the links to go straight there!












Get a copy of Wii Fit from Europe - stock is readily available

1 05 2008

Hi guys,

With copies of Wii Fit being so scarce in the UK I have written a how-to guide for ordering stock from

Go to the relevant post on my site by clicking here.

Free Wii Fit + Wii Console available now with a contract mobile phone

30 04 2008

e2save, who are a member of the Carphone Warehouse network, are the first company to offer Wii Fit free.

Basically, if you need a new contract mobile phone, why not get a FREE Wii Console + Wii Fit! What a brilliant offer.

You can pick and choose which mobile, and which network you have your contract with.

Click here to go to the site to check out the deals that are on offer.

Please dont overprice the pre order for Rock Band Wii like the Xbox 360 version

30 04 2008

Rock band for Wii is due to be released on ??? I’ve tried to find out and no one can answer this question for me!!!

At the moment only are taking pre orders. And that is only for the game itself.

Pre-orders are being taken for the Xbox 360 version, which is released on 23rd may 2008. The chat on the net though, is that it is amazingly overpriced here in the UK. This is compared to the package that has been available in the USA for a number of months now.

The Xbox 360 UK version total price (recommended retail price(RRP)) would be £180. The USA version total price was $180, which is approx £90. That is £90 more, or double the price!!! has knocked some money off the RRP, so it’ll set you back £140. But, the USA version is $148 on with the discounts that they give. No justice!

Granted, some people will say that the price we’ll pay for the game + accessories are worth it. Especially for such a revolutionary game. But isn’t this just a case of the UK being ripped-off again?

You have to buy the accessories separately, rather than one big package. Whereas in the states, it was all available as one big package.

As soon as the Wii version has been properly finalized for pre order I’ll post the links on here. What price it’ll be, we’ll just have to wait and see!!

Go to to check out the Xbox 360 items by clicking here. At the moment there isn’t a Rock Band for Wii pre-order page. As soon as there is I’ll change this part of the blog! :)

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