Wii Remote Hacks by Johnny Lee

8 05 2008

Ever wanted a digital whiteboard but couldn’t afford it…

A researcher for Ted.com called Johnny Lee has found a way by using the Wii Remote.

So a piece of technology that costs us £30 here in the UK has the capability to be transformed into a £1000+ piece of equipment. The video is absolutely amazing and is well worth the watch!

Not only that Johnny also demostrates how to hack the Wii Controller to make a touchscreen, and a head-mounted 3-D viewer.

The 3-D viewer will hopefully lead to a succession of future games using this awesome hack.

Check out the video at the orginal source by going to Ted.com

Johnny Lee I salute you!

The Wii itself…

11 10 2006

From the pictures that I have seen the Wii is gorgeous…

It’ll look great next to my LCD TV!!!!

The old adage goes that the more modern things get, the smaller they become…

This is true of the Wii, as it is Nintendo’s smallest console yet.  It measures 44 mm wide, 157 mm tall, and 215.4 mm deep (or 8.5 inches long, 6 inches wide and less than 2 inches thick roughly) in the vertical orientation without the included stand.  In real terms, this means that the Wii is approximately the size of 3 DVD cases stacked on top each other.

The front of the console features a slot-loading media drive illuminated by a blue light and accepts both 12cm optical discs for Wii software and 8cm discs from the GameCube.

The Wii console communicates wirelessly with the Internet via IEEE 802.11 or a USB 2.0 LAN adaptor. An additional bonus is that the Wii can also connect wirelessly with Nintendo DS.  The Wii includes four ports for controllers and two slots for memory cards as well.

Click Here to visit Nintendo’s technical specifications of the Wii hardware

Wii Controllers - The Wii Remote and Nunchuk

11 10 2006

Much has been said about the Wii’s revolutionary controllers.  So, what’s the crack??


The Wii Remote:

By taking an everyday object like a remote control and adding motion-sensor technology the Wii remote looks awesome!!  And Nintendo look to have achieved its goal in making the remote accessible to people of all ages and all abilities.

The greatest aspect about the Wii Remote is the scope for what it can do:

In a baseball game it becomes a baseball bat.

For a shooting game it is used as the weapon.

For driving game it is the steering-wheel.

The list of uses could and will go on….

Bluetooth Capabilities:

The wireless Wii Remote controller sends your actions to the Wii console from as far as 30 feet away. When used as a pointing device, the controller can send a signal from as far as 15 feet away.  And best of all up to four Wii Remote Controllers can be connected at once.  Get in!!!!!

Other abilities:

The Wii Remote as includes a speaker, rumble feature and the ability for added attachments.  This includes the Nunchuk controller.


The Nunchuk:

This controller is moulded to fit into a gamer’s hand and attaches directly into the the Wii Remote’s expansion port.

The Nunchuk incorporates an analog stick for character movement and also uses the same motion-sensing technology as the Wii Remote.  This will alow the player to control the character with the Nunchuk whilst utilising the Wii Remote as a weapon!! 


Click Here to visit Nintendo Europe’s Controllers guide

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