Wii Remote Hacks by Johnny Lee

8 05 2008

Ever wanted a digital whiteboard but couldn’t afford it…

A researcher for Ted.com called Johnny Lee has found a way by using the Wii Remote.

So a piece of technology that costs us £30 here in the UK has the capability to be transformed into a £1000+ piece of equipment. The video is absolutely amazing and is well worth the watch!

Not only that Johnny also demostrates how to hack the Wii Controller to make a touchscreen, and a head-mounted 3-D viewer.

The 3-D viewer will hopefully lead to a succession of future games using this awesome hack.

Check out the video at the orginal source by going to Ted.com

Johnny Lee I salute you!

Wii Fit Accessories

4 05 2008

With the phenomenal success of Wii Fit the market is open now for a gluttony of accessories.

Lo and behold the choice is amazingly varied!

How would you like to customise your Wii Fit Balance Board then?

Amazon.co.uk have 10+ options to choose from! These are, in no particular order: A Wii Fit Balance Board Cushion Mat, a rechargeable battery for the Balance Board, protective covers for the Balance Board, an officially licensed Wii Fit Yoga Mat (I kid you not!!), multiple travels cases for your Balance Board, Balance Board Ant-Slip covers….

Game and Gamestation also have options to choose from. Check out the links at the bottom.

With the Balance Board not being sold separately, it’ll cost you £69.99 (Or £100+ on Ebay!!) to get a new Balance Board! Assuming it can’t be fixed! So for me, a protective cover of some sort may be a wise investment!!

Retailer Description Link
List of Wii Fit Accessories at Amazon.co.uk


List of Wii Fit Accessories at Game.co.uk


List of Wii Fit Accessories at Gamestation.co.uk


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