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19 12 2006

As posted in my last blog, I finally have my Wii! :)

However, as I’m in the UK there is a shortage of Wii’s, and Games!!!!

And I only have Zelda and Wii Sports!!!

I could quite easily post reviews of Wii games (which I haven’t played, or even seen) from other sites.

But I want the views from real people, like you!!!!

So I need YOUR HELP!!!

If anyone wishes to submit a review of any Wii game please email it to me at howaboutawii@googlemail.com.

Or leave a review on this comment box at the bottom of this post, and I’ll re-post it!!

Please be as honest as possible in your reviews, so other gamers can benefit from your gaming experience!

Many thanx,



The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; Review & Best Prices in UK.

14 12 2006

The must have gave for all Wii owners is Zelda.  This is the latest installment in the Zelda series that began 20 years ago in Japan. (Released in 1987 in the US).

I could spend hours here blogging about Zelda, so I’ll try to keep this review as short and concise if possible.  I’ve added in the ratings from recognised gaming websites at the bottom of this post so you can get multiple independent views if you so wish.

For those familiar with the Zelda series, the Twilight Princess again stars Link set in the world of Hyrule.  The general consensus from all the other reviews that I have read is that the Wii version is a better version than the GameCube version!!  Thank god, some might say!!!

The graphics look stunning (even on the Wii!!!), the gameplay is awesome, and works really well with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk!!  The accuracy that this new combination offers the gamer is phenomenal, the sword fighting is superb (as you may have gathered I LIKE this game!!!!).

I could go on, and on, and on.  But by doing so I would ruin the storyline!!!

So my advice is, if you are fortunate enough to have a Wii, you MUST get Zelda.  It’s certainly the best launch title I’ve ever played!!!  Anyone else played anything else is better??  Would love to hear which games??  Maybe Super Mario 64??  I’ll leave that up to your judgement!


Where is best to buy this must-have game?  And is it still available??  The prices and availability quoted here will be correct at the time of typing, but may change!!!






























On the GameSpot UK website they have taken over 50 reviews of The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess from across the web and the average rating for it is 9.5 out of 10!!!!!!!!

Truly, this could be one of the greatest games on any platform of all time!


Wii First Experiences

13 10 2006

Wii.com has tested Wii Sports on various random people from all walks of life.

These Wii First Experience videos really show off the Wii’s gaming features, which I’m sure will be the biggest selling point once it’s released.   These videos are of testers from all around the world trying the games for the first time.

Check out:


Wii Sports - Why it’s gotta be good!!

12 10 2006

Each Wii console that is sold will all be supplied with Wii Sports.  Nintendo must be confident that it is good, as if it is a flop everyone will know about it!!!!!!

Wii Sports is a compliation of 5 confirmed games (the rumours say there may be up to 30 games), these are: Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing.  Each will use the Wii Remote by itself or in conjunction with the Nunchuk.  Nintendo have been very coy, the games may not boast the best graphics ever, but by using the remote they aim to provide a unique and realistic experience.  They hope it will emphasize the best features if the Wii Remote.

Wii Tennis - In Wii Tennis, the character automatically moves to where the ball will land. The player then has to use the correct stroke and swing to hit the ball. Nintendo states that the remote is sensitive enough to make it possible to add spin to the ball. Players grab the controller like a racket and swing; the game will register forehands, backhands, volleys, lobs, slices, spin, and power depending on how fast the user swings and at what angle. With the Wii’s ability to have up to 4 players multiplayer will be absolutely awesome!!!

Wii Baseball - Your character will stand at home plate and will hit the ball when it is thrown by a computer pitcher. Players grip the controller like a bat and swat fastballs out of the park in a home run derby, but it is up to the player to use the correct timing and positioning to hit the ball.

Wii Golf - In Wii Golf, the controlled character always faces towards the hole, requiring the player only to choose the appropriate strength with which to swing. After each swing, the player moves to the ball’s new location and swings again. The faster players swing the controller, the further the ball will fly.  As in real golf, which I suck at by the way, putting I’m sure will be much harder than just smacking the ball.  I’ll probably suck at the Wii version just as much as in real life!!!

Wii Bowling - In Wii Bowling, the player swings the controller backward, and then pushes it forward to roll the ball, similar to the motion required for golf. Spin can be put on the ball by tilting the controller on release.  Now, I am good at bowling, my technique is pick the heaviest ball possible, throw it as hard as possible, and whack!!  Strike!!!  Will this work on the Wii????  We’ll have to wait and see!!!!

Wii Boxing - This will utilise both the controller and the nunchuk attachment. The player holds one in each hand, then jabs to punch. Raising both hands (controllers) blocks punches from the opponent. Two players can compete on a split-screen view.  I can’t wait to beat up my mates!!!

Click Here to visit Nintendo’s site about Wii Sports

Wii Games List

11 10 2006

The games that Nintendo have announced that will be available from launch date through to March 2007 are:

Games published by Nintendo:

Wii Sports (bundled with hardware)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Excite Truck

Warioware: Smooth Moves

Battallion Wars II

Big Brain Acadamy (temporary name)

Mario Strikers Charged

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Super Mario Galaxy (temporary name)

Third Party Wii Titles:

The Ant Bully Midway

Avatar: The Last Airbender THQ

The Barnyard THQ

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Ubisoft

Bust a Move Revolution Majesco

Call of Duty 3 Activision

Disney’s/Pixar’s Cars THQ

Dance Factory Codemasters

Disney’s Chicken Little: Ace in Action Buena Vista Games

Disney’s Meet the Robinsons Buena Vista Games

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Atari

Elebits Konami

Far Cry: Vengeance Ubisoft

The Godfather Electronic Arts

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Midway

GT Pro Series Ubisoft

Happy Feet Midway

Ice Age 2 Vivendi

Madden NFL 07 Electronic Arts

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Activision

Metal Slug Anthology SNK

Monster 4×4: World Circuit Ubisoft

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Midway

Need for Speed: Carbon Electronic Arts

Open Season Ubisoft

Prince of Persia Ubisoft

Rampage: Total Destruction Midway

Rapala Tournament Fishing Activision

Rayman Raving Rabbids Ubisoft

Red Steel Ubisoft

Sidewinder Codemasters

Sonic and the Secret Rings Sega

SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab THQ

SSX Electronic Arts

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Sega

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ubisoft

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Electronic Arts

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent Ubisoft

Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam Activision

Trauma Center: Second Opinion Atlus

World Series of Poker Activision


For an in depth look at these games please visit Nintendo Europe


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