Could Kota the Triceratops beat the Wii in Christmas sales?

Well could a robot called Kota the Triceratops beat the Nintendo Wii in Christmas Sales this year?

With a price tag of approx £300 here in the UK, and approx $300 in the US (don’t get me started on the price differences between us on practically everything!!) I’d say quite categorically that the dinosaur doesn’t stand a chance.

But, wouldn’t it be cool if it came close, even pushed into the Top 10 toys for Christmas

So, what is Kota…  It is a children’s life-sized interactive robotic dinosaur.  It is ride-able and looks quite life-like (well, from what I imagine a Triceratops to look like).  With a comfy seat and secure ride handle hidden away behind the head, so that it’s safe for the kids too.  Kota has interactive sensors on the body so that it can react to the touch of the kids, or the big kids (like me!) that are playing with him/her.

Kota also talks, in dino-language of course and eats leaves that are bundled with the toy.

Stock of Kota the dinosaur seems to be available for Christmas in the UK from, and from the specialist gadget retailers: and  Kota is also available for order for USA consumers from, for example

UPDATE 30/11/08 - and are having a price war and have both slashed £80 off the RRP, so Kota is now available for £219.99!!

UK Retailer Description Price Link
Kota the Triceratops £219.99
Kota the Triceratops £299.00
Kota the Triceratops £299.95
Kota the Triceratops £219.99
USA Retailer Description Price Link
Kota the Triceratops $299.99

You can check out a video on Youtube here:

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