Does anyone fancy a Darth Vader Wii Sensor Bar?

I was browsing through a few Wii accessories on the website and found a Darth Vader Wii Sensor Bar Bust?

Darth Vader Wii

I’ve attached a picture above as you really need to see this accessory to believe it. It seems that it is an officially licensed Star Wars product by Nintendo and LucasFilm Ltd. The Wii Sensor Bar is not included in the package and it is available for preorder for £29.99.

The Wii has been blasted on all sides for selling a ridiculous amount of rubbish accessories. Some might say it is a cash cow for Nintendo. The Wii console itself is cheaper to buy than most, but with most people wanting 4 player multiplayer the costs rise quickly!

Is this Darth Vader sensor bar something I’d buy? Probably not, but I’m sure a few Star Wars fans would love to have Darth Vader holding your Wii Sensor Bar as a light-sabre…

Check it out at the website below:

Retailer Description Price Link
Darth Vader Wii Sensor Bar Bust £29.99
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