Download Guitar Hero songs from Amazon MP3 Digital Music Store

I’ve been playing Guitar Hero World Tour for most of the night… Except for when I switched over to catch the X-Factor result!!

Well, anyway, I decided that I wanted to download a few tunes that I’d been playing tonight, onto my Ipod. (Survivor - Eye of the Tiger & The Stones Roses -Love Spreads, were both top of my list).

But rather than using iTunes, I decided to give’s new MP3 Digital Music Store a whirl….

I must say, for a first time user it was pretty damn easy, works out to be cheaper than iTunes  (£0.69 per track, £3.00 an album) and I was able to download the tunes in an MP3 format!!

So, from me it’s thumbs up! And I think that iTunes may have a very serious problem with this very powerful and well respected rival on their hands!

If you’ve not seen it in action you can check it out here.

By the way…

I also downloaded the original version of the X-Factor winners (Alexandra Burke, for those who missed it :) ) song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen…

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