Formula 1 2009 Wii Game available for pre order to be released 25th September

UPDATE - F1 2009 Wii has been released now read the F1 2009 Wii Game Review here.

With the release of Mario Kart on the Wii last year, and the phenomenal success that it had. The Wii has been screaming out for more driving games. With the Wii Remote and a steering wheel attached, the Wii is a perfect fit for the best driving games out there. Perhaps the pinnacle of driving in the world is the Formula 1 World Championship. So, the chaps at Codemasters (who have brought us great driving games in the past like TOCA Touting Cars and Colin McRae Rally) are in charge of the project for Formula 1 2009 the game. F1 2009 the game is being released first on the Nintendo Wii and on the PSP this year, the PS3 and Xbox360 versions are due out in 2010.

F1 2009 Wii Release Date Update: The UK release date is 20th November 2009 on the and on the  The RRP for F1 2009 is £39.99, this is including a specific F1 Steering Wheel. Most retailers though are selling it for less, check out the price checker below with links straight to the stock pages.

Retailer Description Price Link
F1 2009 with Official F1 Steering Wheel £29.73
F1 2009 with Official F1 Steering Wheel £29.79
F1 2009 with Official F1 Steering Wheel £29.95
F1 2009 with Official F1 Steering Wheel £29.96
F1 2009 with Official F1 Steering Wheel £29.99
F1 2009 with Official F1 Steering Wheel £29.99
F1 2009 with Official F1 Steering Wheel £29.99
F1 2009 with Official F1 Steering Wheel £29.99

The game itself is a massive change in the recent F1 games, as it isn’t just on Sony console. Sony have had exclusive rights to the F1 gaming world for a number of years (the last game across multiple platforms was “F1 Challenge” in 2002) and F1 2009 is now on Wii! Yes!

As we haven’t had a Formula 1 game for a few years, so F1 2009 will be the first F1 racing game to feature Lewis Hamilton - the current World Champion. All of the drivers who are currently in the F1 championship will feature, so this will include: Jenson Button (the current leader), Rubens Barrichello, Kimi Raikkonnen, Felipe Massa, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel to name a few. Although as some drivers have not lasted the season through injury (like Massa) or through not being good enough (Bourdais or Piquet Jr) then some of their current replacements may not be in the game.

As the game is officially licensed by Formula 1 then all the tracks that are on the current F1 calendar will be featured in the game. This includes the track that is to be raced on last this season, which is brand new - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race track.

The game itself will feature a full season mode, or you can race the full race weekend experience, including practice sessions, qualifying and race day. Or for a blast without the pre-race stuff, a Quick Race is available.

There is also the ability to have a split screen multiplayer in either a co-operative mode or racing against another player. Other features that are included are that the cars will get damaged. F1 2009 Wii will have a realistic damage model to accurately simulate the effects of mid-race collisions with other cars or walls!!

The cars will have the ability to use the new boost system - KERS. You can change the aero-dynamics of the car, pit stops are included so that the strategy part of F1 is kept intact and so you can repair your damged car. The teams will all have the ability to use the pit radio so you can get the vital race information to enable you to win. There are also driver aids so you can change the level of difficulty in the driving. The Wii game will have five fully customisable control schemes, these include the Wii Wheel and Logitech steering wheel support.

The key issues for many I imagine is how realistic the F1 2009 game will feel with the Wii controls. We’ll have to wait and see I suppose, but hopefully I’ll get a review of the game in the next few weeks to find out exactly.

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2 Responses to “Formula 1 2009 Wii Game available for pre order to be released 25th September”

  1. Button will win the championship this year. I wonder if the game will be an accurate representation of this? I.e. The Brawn’s setting the pace with the Red Bulls not that far behind?

    Can’t believe Hamilton crashed out on the last lap in the last race.

  2. I’ve amended this post with the best details I can find about the release date! I’m leaning towards the Amazon date to be the true release date. As soon as I find out any more details I’ll update the post straight away!


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