Feel Great Britain with Wii Fit

I’ve been sat at home tonight, sad I know on a Friday night!!   I’ve seen the same Wii Fit advert on tv at least 4 times!!!  It’s titled “Feel Great Britain with Wii Fit”

It’s all about getting people of the sofa and getting Fit, by using the Wii Fit with the balance board!!

The advert is to demonstrate to people the Wii Fit, whilst on a national tour of shopping centres, fitness centres, even some IKEA stores around the UK.

If you fancy a Wii Fit game and console for yourself check out my latest post for stock available now from an online german retailer!  Or click here to go straight there.

To find out more about the Britain tour and see if the tour is near you, go to the site here: www.feelgreatbritain.com

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10 Responses to “Feel Great Britain with Wii Fit”

  1. I’ve just been on http://www.feelgreatbritain.com and the Wii Fit tour does not come to London. Gutted..

  2. Just saw the advert for wii fit and they are coming to glasgow - great. But will you be able to buy them at the demonstrations?

  3. Hi Jackie,

    I don’t know whether or not you can buy the game at the demonstrations. I would suspect that you can’t :(

    If you can’t find one online for a realistic price, keep an eye on this blog as I’ll be posting a how-to guide for ordering the Wii Fit from a mainland European Retailer soon….. The guide will go up as soon as I’ve received the copy that I’ve ordered. Hopefully they’ll deliver it soon and have enough stock for lots of us!!


  4. aww… the wii fit isn’t coming to cornwall, newquay.. boo!

  5. I am really very disappointed that there no stock at Argos or Lewis shop who charge for Wii fit £69.00 but other shop charge that more that costly over £120.00 why they so greedy, also, why the tv advertise repeat but there no stock in uk? its very cruel and they really enjoyed doing this but we have tried get one of this, impossible. if there any out of stock then tv advertise should not continue.

  6. As per usual when it comes to coming to Scotland people think there is nothing past Glasgow. Aberdeeen Dundee and Inverness have a population of people that would like to try the WII Fit too.

  7. Why Why do we have to sit and see the energising advert which is aimed at stopping us becoming couch potato’s… for the’wonderful wii fit’ when we can’t buy it at the rrp at Argos or Lewis?? Surely the scam should be clear to all - dangle the carrot does sales good but only if your in Germany!!!
    This is a clear ‘come on the the manufacture’ produce more, sell more and give customers what they require!!!!
    as you gathered an unhappy wii console owner awaiting availability of the wii fit..

  8. We would like the nintendo Wii team to visit our college site and do a taster day for its students. I s this possibled?

  9. why oh why do wii continue advertising a game that no one can buy anywhere in the uk !!!! i have known a game to be out of stock for so long!!!

  10. What is the point of running the ad campaign when you can’t get the equipment. Get your act together Nintendo.

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