Get your copy of Wii Fit before Christmas arrives

I really like my Wii Fit – granted I don’t use it enough and I haven’t lost any weight – but I still love it!!!

Its fantastic when you have got friends round, everybody has had a few drinks, and the Balance Board gets pulled out from under the TV stand!

We did this recently and it is hilarious watching people do skiing, snowboarding etc.  But the funniest is by far the hula-hoop!!  Now I’m no “YouTube Wii Fit Girl” but I can shake my ass doing the hula-hoop pretty well!!!  And watching first-timers on Wii Fit trying to hula-hoop is brilliant.

With Christmas approaching fast and only 92 Shopping days left, which seems a lot I know!!!  I’d recommend to all that don’t have a Wii Fit to get your copy sooner rather than later.  To do this, have a read of the most relevant to you of my previous posts about the Wii Fit stock situation.

1.  Wii Fit Stock Bundles page (Currently there are quite a lot of bundles available from the major online retailers, but this probably won’t last!)

2. Wii Fit real-time stock checking page (My recently launched stock checking page)

3.  Guide to order a Wii Fit from

4.  Guide to order a Wii Fit from

See the Wii Fit Girl Youtube video here:

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