Guitar Hero 5 Playboy Bunnies and Hugh Hefner TV Advert

I’ve just seen a tv advert for the new Guitar Hero 5 featuring a few Playboy bunnies and the Hef himself.  The advert follows on from the original Risky Business commercial featuring Heidi Klum.

Hugh Hefner only makes a very brief  appearance at the end with the 11 bunnies.  On cue the Hef says “What…  I like Variety!”. with a cheeky grin on his face.

The 11 bunnies all slide into a room, clutching and strumming Guitar Hero V wireless guitars wearing the same garb that Heidi made famous: Pink shirt and white socks. It doesn’t have as much action or show as much flesh as the original. Hence, why I (and quite a few others I’m sure) believe the original is better, and the director’s cut is awesome! ;)

I’ve embedded the original, the director’s cut and the playboy bunny one. Which one is your favourite?

The game itself is going to be a massive hit, it’s released here in the UK on 9th September 2009. If you pre-order the Guitar Hero 5 bundle then you get the Guitar Hero World Tour game for free.  Great deal if you ask me! Check it out from the preorder link below:

Retailer Description Price Link
Guitar Hero 5 (Guitar Pack) with FREE World Tour Software From £64.99
Guitar Hero 5 (Guitar Pack) with FREE World Tour Software From £64.99

The original Heidi Klum Risky Business video:

The Director’s cut Heidi Klum Risky Business video:

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2 Responses to “Guitar Hero 5 Playboy Bunnies and Hugh Hefner TV Advert”

  1. I like the new advert, but the Director’s cut is way better.

  2. No arguements from me Pete, the Director’s Cut video is simply stunning.

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