How About A Wii Store have arguably the greatest selections of games, accessories and other related Wii products for sale on the net.  And are usually are the cheapest aswell!! :)

So I’ve been having a play around, and have created my own Store through amazon that you can order the games.  When you click on the link it will take you directly through to my Store which has my recommendations.

To go there, click here

For the record I now personally have for my Wii:

  • Zelda - awesome, best launch game ever!!!  Everyone must own this game if you have a Wii!!!
  • Need for Speed Carbon  -not played it a lot, but wasn’t very impressed, but the steering wheel attachment is a nice touch
  • Wii Play - great fun, fantastic in multiplayer, and cow racing is just the most hilarious game ever
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids - like Wii play, its great fun, I’ve unlocked all the multiplayer games now so after a few beers with my mates it is great fun!!  :)
  • 4 controllers, and 4 nunchuks!!!  4 player tennis!!!  :), and 4 player Rayman!!!  :)

I’m intending on getting Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Brothers next!!!  Can’t wait til I can play Super Smash with 4 players!!! :)

Please leave comments to help me improve my Amazon Store and to tell me what you think the best Wii games out are!!

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