Iron Man for Wii is out soon pre order now

When a Marvel comic superhero is transformed from the comicbooks to the silver screen a few things are always certain.

They usually do well at the box office… (A few exceptions to the rule I agree, but let’s move on shall we!)

They are practically always followed, accompanied or preceded by a video game, and Iron Man is no exception.

Iron Man is due for release across all platforms (Wii, DS, PS3, PS2, PC, XBOX 360, PSP) in early May. The official release date on the Wii is 2nd May 2008, which is only 6 days away!

The game itself is a third-person action game with all the characters and weapons that are in the film.

To pre-order the game click on the links from my usual recommended stockists, and below, to go straight to the order page:

Retailer Description Price
Iron Man by Sega for Wii


Iron Man by Sega for Wii


Iron Man by Sega for Wii


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