James Camerons Avatar Wii Game Preview

Avatar WiiJames Cameron’s Avatar: The Game is due to be released on the the Wii on the 4th December 2009.  The film sounds and looks incredible from the trailers that I’ve seen, so heres hoping that the Wii game will be just as breath-taking.  Plus, I might add, that this game with be Wii Motion Plus compatible!!  So the Xbox and PS3 versions watch out, you may have better graphics but do you have full motion control!!

The Wii version of Avatar: The Game is being developed by Ubisoft and will utilise the Ubisoft Jade engine. The 3D effects that the game is rumoured to boast will require a HDMI output and a 120Hz capable set.  I wonder if we’ll nall have to wear the polarised glasses to view the game in 3D?

Avatar the game is set in incredibly lush rainforest-like environment, on an alien planet called Pandora.  Here the RDA corporation (Humans intent on mining the planet’s resources) encounter the indigenious people of Pandora, the Na’vi.

Below is the trailer to James Cameron’s Avatar the Movie, which is absolutely awe-inspiring.  This trailer will give you a brief insight into the the movie, and the premise that the Wii game is based upon:

The game itself enables you to either play as the RDA or as the Na’vi.  Basically, it’s a massive scrap of a battle between the two races.  On the one hand, you have th technologically advanced humans, bent on  conquest, determined to take control of the natural resources of Pandora.  The Na’vi on the other hand are a seemingly harmless and placid race, but are actually immensely war-like when provoked.  They utilise the local wild-life in their warlike pastimes!!

In Avatar: The Game you can have control of over 60 RDA and Na’vi warriors.  Each individual player can develop up to 20 unique skills for each company.  Each character can be developed throughout the game, so you can acquire skills as you progress through the game.  I’m hoping that the Wii version of the game has online multiplayer, but I can’t confirm this at the moment!  The Wii MotionPlus adaption though for Avatar:the Game should be awesome, so come on you Wii owners, get in there now!!!

The suggested retail price for James Cameron’s Avatar:The Game is £39.99. check out the table below to find the retailer that has the best price:

Retailer Description Price Link
James Cameron’s Avatar:The Game £29.99
James Cameron’s Avatar:The Game £29.99
James Cameron’s Avatar:The Game £29.99
James Cameron’s Avatar:The Game £39.99
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