Just back from EA Spring Showcase 2009 In London

Last week I was invited to go to the release of numerous EA games at the EA Spring Showcase - held at The Ark in Hammersmith, London.The Ark Hammersmith

So today, I set off at 8am from Newcastle - train all the way to Kings Cross, shocking WiFi service by the way, but I digress…  Then the tube to Hammersmith to the Ark - a very slick building, but it seems to be in the wrong area (It’d be great on the Thames or something)

The games I was able to play were, in no particular order:

  1. EA Sports Active - Wii Fit for us Westerners
  2. EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis - the first game that will be released in the UK to use the Wii MotionPlus accessory for the Wiimote
  3. EA Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for Wii - the latest in the marque golf series - also utilises the Wii MotionPlus
  4. Need for Speed Nitro for Wii - only 60% done so far
  5. Spore Hero
  6. Dead Space Extraction

I’ll be writing a review of my findings for each of them and uploading pictures and videos for each post!

EA Sports Active LogoBut at the moment I’m knackered!!  It’s been a long day >8 hours travelling and 4 hours testing new games!  But it’s been great!

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