Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games Wii Game Review

You might have noticed on the tv recently that one of the most seen new games for the Wii has been advertised often.  The game is Mario & Sonic at The Olympic Winter Games which feautures the 2 main protaganists Mario and Sonic and loads of their pals and enemies!

The original game Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games was a massive worldwide success, with over 7 million copies sold.

The Official Nintendo Magazine UK have reviewed the game and it scored a very respectable 90%.  To read the full review follow the link at the bottom of the page.

The best parts of the review are as follows:

“After all, let’s face it, After the success of the first title, Sega could have taken the original game, removed all the characters and events, made a rubbish title screen in MS Paint and slapped Mario & Sonic 2 on the game box and it would still have shifted millions of copies. That’s why we’re so chuffed to see that there’s actually been a conscious effort here to make a game that’s improved on the original in many ways.”

I completely agree with this as it could have been so easy to make Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games a clone of the original, kudos to Sega for not doing this.

The game review continues describing the type of events:

“The game consists of 27 different events, 16 of which are based on actual Winter Olympic sports. The ones you’d expect are here in full force. Downhill Skiing, Ski Jump, Snowboard, Speed Skating and the like all make fairly obvious appearances, alongside some interesting choices that help give the game a bit of variety. Ice Hockey is fun once you get to grips with the control system, and Curling and Figure Skating are the sort of Marmite events that’ll have you going either way. You’ll either love them immediately or play them once and never go near them again.”

The take home message of the review is:

“All in all, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games is a big improvement over the original, and if you enjoyed that you should love this. The only problem is it still feels a bit dated - like we’ve done this all before. And essentially we have. Two years ago Mario & Sonic seemed like a fresh idea, but since then we’ve found ourselves up to our necks in countless Wii party games. What’s more, Wii Sports Resort has recently raised the bar to the point that a party game is going to have to do something really special to be considered essential. And while Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games is a great game, it just falls short of party game perfection.”

The final verdict is positive on most counts:

“It’s no Wii Sports Resort but Mario or Sonic enthusiasts and sports fans will lap this up.
+ Wide range of events
+ Excellent Festival mode
+ Some great unlockables
+ Dream Events are superb
- Suffers from an identity crisis”

Read the Official Nintendo Magazine UK full wii review here.

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