Mario Kart Wii - I can’t wait, can you? Preorder now!

The original Mario Kart on the SNES was one of my favourite games as a kid!!

It used to take up hours of my time racing my pals.

I can still remember the day when I perfected the power start. And when I was begging my parents to buy it for me on the 64!!!

I used to love the battle mode more than the racing!! Firing red shells at each other, and laying the green shells all over the place!!!

Well… Reminiscing has been great, but we must look to the future!

And the future is certainly Mario Kart Wii!! This game is going to be the “mutts nuts”, it’ll be “different gravy”, it’ll be “a cut above”…¦(Insert your own phrase here)

It is due to be released here in the UK (and the rest of Europe) on April 11th 2008. 1 day later than the launch in Japan. The release dates for the Australia and North America are 24th & 27th April respectively.

What’s going to be so special about it then?

  • The Wii Remote is going to fit inside a custom built steering wheel
  • The game will be launched with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service. This will enable online racing and battle modes, worldwide leaderboards for online leagues.
  • Nintendo UK have announced that there will be an online text chat between players
  • The reviews by the major gaming magazines have also been unreal…

There are only a few online retailers currently taking pre-orders these are in the table below. Interestingly are also selling the game bundled together with a Wii remote.















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Something different about the Wii

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