NBA 2K10 Wii Game Review

NBA BasketballThe NBA 2K series is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed sports franchises in all of video gaming. From its roots on the cult Sega Dreamcast to the Wii today, it has endured for over 11 years, despite EA’s best efforts to kill the series. With the first installment on the Wii, NBA 2K10 makes a statement to all other game publishers that you can release a major sports game on the Wii without major drawbacks.

NBA 2K10 is the first and only official NBA game released on the Nintendo Wii. All the usual gameplay modes are back with some new goodies. The NBA Today allows you to play any game schedule on the day of a game. The Wii’s WiFi connection not only keeps track of team records and stats, it also updates on a bottom line in game which I think is outstanding.

New to the NBA 2K10 is My Player mode. My Player Mode allows you to create your own player from scratch, and take him through his entire career from rookie summer league play, to the NBA D-League, to eventually a real NBA career. In this mode you start out a raw player and through performing certain in game actions and gaining career achievements, you gain points to upgrade your player. I really enjoyed this mode as it delivered on NBA realism. You are rewarded for good team play while being a selfish keeps you from succeeding. It’s not a perfect game mode, but it’s one of the best career modes I’ve ever played.

The Graphics in this game are average for the Wii. The game runs smoothly but the graphical quality itself is little better than an original Xbox game. The sounds are well done. Sound effects are accurate and sync up well with the visual action while the soundtrack to the game is amusing to listen to.

The controls are a night and day scenario. When I first played the game with the Wiimote and Nunchuck I hated it. It was impossible to do something as simple as shooting. I was about to give this game a terrible review until I gave the Wii Classic Remote a shot. The Wii Classic remote makes the controls a lot better. Shooting, stealing, blocking, and other various actions became much easier. In fact the controls greatly reminded me of the original NBA 2K games I grew up playing.

The gameplay itself is wildly entertaining with the Wii Classic remote. The games are challenging but not overly difficult, and with all the different gameplay modes, there is lots to do with this game.

All in all, NBA 2K10 is a pretty solid game that is one of the best non Wii Sports games on the Wii. That being said the game plays just like it does on the other consoles with the exception of the inferior graphics. If you have an Xbox 360 or PS3 and you wanted 2K10, I’d encourage you to get it on that console and not the Wii. The graphics are better and more realistic. However, if you only have the Wii, or you just want a smoother running game, stick with the Wii version.

Game review by Anthony Lifrieri.

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