New Super Mario Bros Wii Game Review

New Super Mario Bros WiiBack when Super Mario Bros. 64 was released, a lot of gamers thought it was the end of an era in video gaming. Gone were the days of the 2D plat former and in was the 3D platformer. I personally was saddened as my favorite Mario game of all time was Super Mario Bros. 3. Now I’m glad to say Nintendo has gone back to its roots and glory days with the New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The New Super Mario Bros. Wii has the standard Mario plot. Princess Toadstool (Peach) is celebrating her birthday when King Koopa’s (Bowser) Koopalings come and kidnap the princess and speed away on their airship leaving Mario, Luigi, and the Toads to find and rescue her. The plot may be standard operating procedure for the Mario games but nobody plays the games for the plot.

The power-ups are finally back to where they should be. The mushroom, star, and fire flower all return, along with some new toys for Mario to use. The new power-ups include ice flower which freezes enemies as a fire flower would burn, the penguin suit which is basically an upgrade of the ice flower. My favorite power up is the propeller suit which gives Mario a chance to hover momentarily. I like the motion control that is used to make it work and is sheer joy. Yoshi also makes a return and anything with Yoshi is awesome.

The game plays a lot like the old Super Mario Bros. games. It is a 2D plat former where you can only go left and right. The gameplay is paced much faster than the NES and SNES games but still has the heart and soul of the original Super Mario games. In the game you play as Mario, Luigi, or one of the Toads. This is the first Mario game where multiple players can play at once and was designed to do so. The game plays well in both multiplayer and single player. Multiplayer can be a lot of fun so long as the players stay on the same page. Teamwork is paramount to getting through the levels and really creates a fun experience. The single player mode is just as rewarding and enjoyable, if not more fun. The mini games are all great because they are a lot like the mini games from SMB3.

The controls in Super Mario Bros. Wii give you two options to play. You can use the Wiimote and the Nunchuck, but who wants to do that when you can hold the Wiimote on its side and use it like the old NES remote? The NES style is a lot simpler, nostalgic, and surprisingly refreshing compared to games that now require a thousand button presses to do one simple action. There are a few motion controls in the game but nothing too difficult. The controls are an overall solid feature that really gives the game a big boost.

The presentation in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii is top notch. The graphics are colorful and the sounds are amusing. I love the retro music and sound effects that are thrown in at appropriate times during the game.

In my opinion, the New Super Mario Bros Wii is the best platforming game since SMB3. You can make a case the new game is better as it is a more polished game with better technology and graphics. I loved everything about New Super Mario Bros. Wii and highly recommend it to all Wii console owners. It is a game everyone can play in groups or by themselves and still have a great time playing it no matter how old they are. In my opinion, it is probably the Wii game of the year.

Game review by Anthony Lifrieri.

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