New Wii Console bundle for UK rather than a drop in the price

A couple of days ago I blogged about the possibility of a drop in the basic price of the Wii Console in the UK.  Reading around today and yesterday, a few other bloggers and gaming websites seem to be reporting that this isn’t going to happen.  Although Nintendo have recently been really quiet, and not telling anyone anything.

I was hoping for a £30 price drop from the original price of £179.99 to £149.99.  This would fall in with the expected drop in the USA (From $249.99 to $199.99).  Although I’ve since found out that the current retail price for the Nintendo Wii should be £199.99, this was put into force in March this year, due to the weak Queen’s Head! (Pound Sterling)   Doh!

However, it seems that Nintendo have finally been speaking to someone, the UK newspaper: The Guardian, in an  article today here:

It is basically saying that Nintendo has:

Nintendo UK says that it has cut prices for the Wii, just as has been done in the US - but that it’s up to retailers whether you’ll actually see that difference when you come to hand your cash over.

The articles continues:

A Nintendo spokesperson told the Guardian:

Unfortunately I cannot disclose the Wii trade price to you - it is a confidential figure shared only between Nintendo and retailers - just in the same way Apple and Sony will not disclose their trade prices if were to ring them up today and ask.

But, the spokesperson insists,

We ARE lowering the cost price of Wii to retailers in the UK. If retailers do not decide to pass that saving onto consumers - we cannot be blamed for that - but we have lowered the price.

Under EU Anti-Competition law, of course, Nintendo cannot set the retail price. It can offer the SRP - suggested retail price - but under laws passed some years ago, it cannot set the final price. This allows retailers to compete on price with each other, and to come up with different ways to market things.

The other rumours circulating, are that the Wii will be bundled with a MotionPlus accessory.  The most obvious bundle that bloggers are suggesting is one that includes Wii Sports Resort.  This would then include, the Wii Console, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Remote, Wii Nunchuk and a Wii MotionPlus accessory.

So far, I’ve spotted this new bundle for sale at and a few other stockists, but this is the best price I’ve found.  Click here to go straight there.  It is being sold for pre-order at an incredibly competitive price of  £179.79 + £4.95 for a courier delivery.  This is a saving of over £40!!  I’ll also set up a blog page soon which will have all the best Wii Bundles available!

Currently, I still like any bundles that include must-have games or accessories for the Wii.  So my definitive list and advice, would be to try and look for Wii bundles that include Wii Play (for the free remote), Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit.  None of the gimmicky and frankly useless accesories like Tennis rackets, golf clubs, table tennis bats etc!

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One Response to “New Wii Console bundle for UK rather than a drop in the price”

  1. I was hoping it would come down to around the £150 mark too. I have one but find that once the console drops price all the accessories seem to go down too. I find it hard when companies dont pass on the price drops to customers, a bit of Christmas cheer wouldn’t go amiss.

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