Will the UK get a price drop for the Nintendo Wii Console?

There have been massive rumours circulating on the net recently about an impending price drop for the Wii in the USA.  With a RRP of $249.99 since the release of the console in 2006 the price is apparently set to be cut by $50 to a target price of $199.99.

This is great news for our friends over the pond, but will this price drop happen here in the UK.  Only time will tell, but let’s start the speculation here!!

The Wii Console plus Wii Sports has had the same UK RRP of £179.99 since launch day.  With a price cut of $50, I’d imagine that a £30 drop would seem to be the most obvious cut.  So that would give us a new price on the shelves and shop windows here in the UK of £149.99, or one hundred and fifty notes!!

The reason for the projected price cut has been rumours for a while mainly because of the drop in price from the main Nintendo Wii rivals - XBox 360 and the PS3.  The PS3 Slim, as I reported on my previous PS3 Slim vs Wii post is now priced at £249.99.  Will Nintendo respond?  Do they have to here in the UK?

Read the report by Kotaku.com here

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