Order Wii Fit now from Europe as it seems the UK has no stock

As expected Wii Fit has sold out all of the retailers in the UK…..

Nintendo always seem to have problems with stock of Wii hardware. Especially here in the UK!

So, I’ve been thinking a bit out of the box and tested out a few “old tricks” that I’ve used before.

What I’m talking about is ordering a Wi Fit from stockists in Europe. The obvious retailer is Amazon.de, the German version of Amazon. I previously blogged about ordering the Wii Console from Amazon.de which helped a multitude of people to get a Wii for Christmas last year. Until Amazon.de stopped shipping the Wii’s to the UK.

I’ve checked, by ordering one myself, and Amazon.de is allowing stock of Wii Fit to be delivered to the UK. They don’t have any stock available for immediate delivery, but it says that it is due for delivery on 3rd May 2008. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather wait a week, than pay stupid prices from Ebay (Just looked and there is a BuyIt Now on for £140!!!).

I paid €94.88 including delivery and tax, which works out at approx £75.

So to do this click here to go straight to the order page, or click on the amazon image at the top of the page.

Open up the google translator in another window by clicking here, this helps to copy and paste any german.

Your Amazon.co.uk user name and password will work, so Amazon.de will recognise your billing and delivery address. If you don’t have one, then I would suggest doing this on the Amazon.co.uk site to avoid having to translate everything from German.

Now follow these steps which will hopefully help you (I’ve used the same pictures that I used for the Wii Console guide, so it may look slightly different)…

1. Go to the order page that you’ve already opened or click here to go straight there. You first need to put a Wii Fit into your basket, so click the “In den Einkaufswagen” yellow box as shown below in the screen shot.

2. This takes you straight to your basket so you now need to checkout so click the next yellow box “Zur Kasse gehen”.

3. Now you need to enter your email address and your Amazon.co.uk password. Then press the next yellow button on the page. As shown in the picture below.

4. Now you need to fill in your delivery address, or choose one that you already have saved in Amazon.co.uk account. Once you’ve filled it in press the yellow button again.

5. Now for the payment. To do this enter you credit card details in the boxes as shown below. I think they only accept Visa or Mastercard.

6. Last stage now, which is just to review the details that you filled in. If you are happy with it then click the next yellow button which says “Bestelleng Abschicken”. And that’s it!!

And that’s it people, good luck and well done for not having to pay ridiculous prices from Ebay.co.uk.

If Amazon.de sell out I’ll have a look at some other retailers in Europe that I’ve previously recommended!!


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63 Responses to “Order Wii Fit now from Europe as it seems the UK has no stock”

  1. Cheers for this,

    I can wait til the weekend for Wii Fit. I hate the fact that most of the pre-orders were probably taken up by people who ordered multiple copies. And are now selling them on Ebay!

    I’ve just read a few of your other posts and pre ordered Super Smash Bros Brawl and a few other games to avoid this farce in the future!


  2. I totally agree with you George.

    I refuse to pay the over-the-top prices that these scum are charging are Ebay. Ordered mine yesterday with no problems.

    My Amazon.co.uk login details worked a treat, and I got a confirmation email practically straight away.

    I think that waiting an extra week is better than paying practically double the price on Ebay.


  3. Will the game be in german? Or will it have a language selector up front?

  4. Hi Amanda,

    The Wii Fit game bought from Germany will be in English.

    The game is in a region for Europe, it’s your wii console itself that sets the language.

    The manual may be in German, although it should be easy enough to download a manual from the Nintendo site.

    Hope that helps


  5. Hi guys,

    Gamestation have some stock of Wii Fit bundled with a Wii console.

    The price is £249.89

    Click here to go straight there.


  6. Just ordered mine. No probs at all.

    Amanda, I’ve previously brought Wii games back from Spain and they work fine, so the german ones shouldn’t be any different.

    I think that all the Wii games in Europe are made in Germany anyway. Could be wrong though! ;)

  7. Thank you for such a great tip! Have just ordered mine, very easy with your help and google’s! They said will be posting on May 3rd.
    Cheers again!

  8. Thanks for the tip on Amazon. I had assumed that they wouldnt sell them given the lockdown at christmas on sales to the UK but seems we got there quick enough!.
    I got mine from Amazon France - surprisingly it was a little bit cheaper than Germany

  9. Just ordered mine and I couldn’t be happier.

    I ordered through Amazon.de as personally I don’t like anything French!!

    I’d also like to give my “two penneth worth” about the a$$holes who have ordered in bulk and are now charging over-inflated prices on Ebay!!

    It shouldn’t be allowed, or people should be more educated not to be sucked in by these pirates!!!!

    Just my opinion, but I’m entitled to it, and I stand by it!!

  10. Thanks so much.

    Would rather have done this than pay double on Ebay!

  11. Hey, I Just ordered Wii-Fat, I also ordered Mariokart.
    I got a reply about seperate shipping MarioKart , Hope to get confirmation of the Wii-Fit, and Neoprine Covers next…

    Thanks for the Tips.

  12. how long for delivery please

  13. Hi Wayne,

    I’ve just checked the site and it says:

    “Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 6 bis 8 Tagen”

    Which means “Usually ships in 6 to 8 days”. Hope that helps,


  14. Im planning to get Wii Fit off of amazon.fr, but b4 i do, does any one know whether i’d have to return Wii Fit to Amazon.fr for a refund/exchange or if I could simply send it to Nintendo, which could be easier!

  15. Just bought one via amazon in germany and it is a breeze. Total price including postage (being sent tomorrow!) is euro 93.88! Many thanks for the help and advice!

  16. Just checked the Amazon.de site. The Wii Fit and Balance board is showing as being:

    “Auf Lager” - Which is “In Stock”

  17. I’m about to order one from Amazon.fr
    Can anyone tell me, I gather the packaging and manual will be in French only?

    Thank you

  18. Hi Verity,

    When my copy of Wii Fit came from Germany…

    The box was multi-lingual, the Wii Fit instruction manual was in German, and the Wii Balance Board instructions were in multiple languages.

    I would assume that the French versions would follow suit….

    The game will work perfectly in english, and you shouldn’t need the manual as the game teaches you how to calibrate the balance board in english. And then teaches you each exercise and game in English too…

    Hope that helps :)

  19. Thanks for the help. Wanted a wii fit for daughters birthday and couldnt get one anywhere. placed order at 9 pm on 25/5/08 and stated on confirmation e mail that it will be sent on 26/5/08.

    does anyone know how long delivery will take?

  20. I’ve just tried to order Wii fit from Amazon.de but can’t tell if my order has been processed, I do have an order number, but haven’t received any email confirmation!

  21. Hi

    Thanks for publishing this as it’s been really helpful.

    I ordered the Wii Fit from Amazon.de on 21st May and got a confirmation of order straighaway then a confirmation of shipping at 6.11am the next morning telling me that the expected delivery date was 26th May! Good old German efficiency!

    I ordered another one for my daughter on 22nd and got the same set of emails.

    Bank Holiday Monday got in the way but I received both orders today (28th May) at 11 o’clock.

    My daughter suggested having both the German site and the UK one open at the same time to help working through the process but I didn’t need it with help from this site and Google translater. It might help though if people want more reassurance.

    Cost was as stated in previous messages and manual was multilingual with English the first in the booklet so no problems there. The software even defaulted to English - don’t know how it knew! So clever.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  22. Hi ordered Wii Fit on the 21st of May still no confirmation but its shows as an order and my card shows the debit. Any clue as to what is going on? It says:
    Voraussichtliches Versanddatum: 22. Mai 2008 - 23. Mai 2008

    Article: Presumable delivery date: 22Nd of May 2008 - 23rd of May 2008

    Any idea on how i should proceed?

  23. Hi Daaman,

    I don’t know why this may have happened, but it could be something to do with the DHL delivery??

    On a previous post about ordering from Amazon.de someone answered a similar query to this. He finally solved the problem by this method:

    1. Go to the “Mein Konto” section of the Amazon.de web site and get your DHL “paketnummer”, which for me was a 12 digit number starting “34?.

    2. Call up DHL in the UK. The customer services number is 08701 100 300 but you can save on your phone bill by calling 020 8818 8000 and asking for customer services.

    3. Tell them you have a German tracking number, and that they will need to contact the European team while you hold to get you a UK number (starting “07?).

    4. After a couple of minutes they should get the number, and be able to track exactly where your delivery has ended up in the UK.

    Hope this helps you.

    Dan :)

  24. Amazon Ger and Fra are out of stock! help, where can i find a Wii?

  25. Amazon.de is currently showing:

    “Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 5 bis 7 Wochen”

    Which unfortunately means: Usually ships in 5 to 7 weeks

    Not good… In the past though when searching for the Wii Console Amazon.de can sometimes go from this status to “In Stock” almost straight away!! Keep an eye on it!! :)

    I’ll have a scour around and see what I can come up with elsewhere in Europe.


  26. I guess I have been lucky, I ordered a WII Fit from Amazon.de on Monday (Bank holiday) and it arrived Thursday 29th May

    Thanks for the excellent information

  27. Well done, searched for ages. then found your page. Followed the instructions last sunday and the balance board arrived Friday. Game has german cover but the balance board is multilingual. All easy to set up and runs in english by default. total cost with dhl about £77. We can’t get enough of it will all be beanpoles soon.
    Thank you.

  28. i ordered my wii fit on 22nd may from amazon in germany - this is after trying everyday on the preorder wii fit updates to find one. Its just arrived - wonderful! only drawback is the instruction manual is in german!!
    so hopefully when i try it out i will be able to follow the on screen instructions (which i hope are in english)
    I would recommend getting one from the amazon germay site as the emails were correct when delivery was expected and i paid the same as i would if id ordered it from here. I refuse to pay over the RRP and think that ebay is a rip-off when they are charging over £130.00 for it - it shows nothing but shear greed on the sellers.

  29. I have been trying for ages to get a WII, following all the stock-checkers. I saw this page about a week ago and thought I’d give it a while longer before going overseas.

    A few days ago I tried Amazon france/germany and both out of stock so I thought I’d well and truly missed the boat. Both said 5-7 weeks.

    HOWEVER, Amazon.GE now have stock back in - - - - I ordered before they went so now cant wait for it to arrive.

    Thanks for your information. The screen shots and transaltor worked a treat.

  30. Fantastic guide, i’ve been waiting for ages, signed up for everyone’s ‘email me when stock arrives’ but no luck getting one, then saw this blog, went to virtual germany and ordered a wii fit - just like that. Approx £78 incl DHL delivery. They had 15 in stock when i got on - so why dont the uk get them?? Thanks for this.

  31. [...] Ordering Wii Fit from Germany [...]

  32. Ordered mine on the 3rd and just arrived. Yippee.

    Amazon.gr worked a treat. Thanks

  33. Many thanks for your help! I ordered my wiifit from amazon.de on 3 June and received it on 9 June.

  34. I tried Amazon.de and it said 4-6 weeks delivery, so I tried Amazon.fr and it said I would have it by the end of the month! So I opted for that and it works out at just short of £74.00 including delivery- which ain’t bad.
    Many thanks for the blog though- i had tried everywhere (or so I thought)

  35. I ordered from Amazon.de, it also said 4-6 weeks delivery, I received it in 2.5 weeks. Many thanks for the advice

  36. I ordered mine in June from Amazon.fr cos the German Amazon site would not ship to me. Got a few emails saying out of stock and would ship when back in stock.Anyway it just arrived today. Not bad for Euro 97 inc shipping

  37. Just tried the French and the German, neither will dispatch to me in the UK

  38. I have just bought a wii fit in Norway for £89. I live here and want it for my sons birthday. The only problem is that the instruction book in the disc is in norwegian/ scandinavian.
    The disc is in 6 languages including english.

    Where can i get an english instruction book?
    Can anyone copy one for me???
    need for august 1st when i come to uk
    Bens mum

  39. Hi Nicki,

    You don’t really need instructions to the game in English as it is quite self explanatory.

    However, If you want an English manual (in pdf format) you can download it from the link below on Nintendo’s website.


    Dan :)

  40. Hi guys,

    Amazon.de is taking orders again, although they are showing a delivery time of 5-7 weeks. If you can wait this is good as you are not paying over-the-odds like some bundles, and on Ebay.

    If this is too long for you, keep an eye on this blog as I’ll be writing another guide to order Wii Fit from another European retailer in the next few days. I’ve found a stockist who will deliver to the UK, but I’ll wait until its here to make sure. Bookmark http://www.howaboutawii.com or subscribe to my feed via feedburner.com to be informed when I write the post, so you don’t miss out!!


  41. I tried to order today but couldn’t finalise the purchase. I think it said that customers had to be in Germany or Austria.

  42. I ordered from amazon.de 2 weeks ago.

    at the time the email said expected delivery would be in 6-8 weeks and I was given an expected date of mid/late September 08.

    2w later have got an email saying item has been dispatched. Currently with the couriers and tracking shows has left germany for UK.

    I say order from amazon.de. I tried to source within UK to no avail and this way it will be here during the kids hols

  43. I ordered from the alternative supplier in Germany, buecher.de, which dhibell found for us. The order was placed on August 6th and a Wii Fit was delivered on August 11th. That’s extremely impressive. Many thanks.

  44. Ordered from Amazon.fr yesterday. Giving an estimated time of 25/8 to 10/9 but I can live with that for the price and knowing it will arrive. A UK site took my order, gave me a delivery date of 12/8 (£70 + £10 delivery), when it didn’t arrive and I emailed them they said they had no stock and no idea when they would get stock but that they could send me an EU board for £117 + £10 delivery. Ha! Amazon.fr: £74 incl delivery!

  45. Ordered 13.8.08, delivered today; 26.8.08. £75 inc.delivery and tax. Doesn’t get much better than this!! Thanks for all your help!

  46. ordered 19.08.08 even tho it had an expected delivery of 5-7 weeks. just got a msg telling me it will be here on monday! result!! cheers

  47. hi been on internet all day (slight exaggeration) to find stockist in UK for Wii fit balance board. Came across this site and am impressed, but still unsure. but me bit of a technophobe and still doesnt sit easy with me ordering from internet, but am tempted


  49. Yay.. I opened the UK version at the same time, so that I knew what was going on.. cheers, have placed the order for a present for my mother.. cheers for the suggestion! :)

  50. Just ordered on amazon.de.
    No delivery date at present but I’m in no rush. It’s amazing that Nintendo can let this situation continue in the UK with people buying up multiple Wii Fits & then selling them off to make huge profits!
    Excellent tip (as long as it turns up!) Thank you.

  51. i hope this works just ordered , hope i get delivery , thanks to op if it works

  52. Wooooo I order mine from Amazon.fr a couple of weeks ago and it arrived by DHL yesterday - cant wait to get home tonight so I can try it out!!!

  53. Just ordered one from Germany after much deliberation. Know friends who got one from there before and no problems with them - I have delayed as got caught up in the Zavvi Direct con although got my money back as paid by credit card.

  54. Hi guys,

    Some people have wished to thank me by monetary means for the guide that I’ve provided. So I’ve set up a paypal “Buy Dan a Pint”

    If you wish to do this click on the link below…

    I’ve also just got back from doing the Czechwrecks rally across, so if you would rather donate money to charity then go to the donation page at http://www.justgiving.com/ngsrally



  55. Just to update on my experience. Ordered from Amazon.de on 15th September after being let down by Marks & Spencers in the UK. My Wii Fit arrived by DHL yesterday 26th September. Absolutely amazing. As soon as I’m paid I’m getting you a pint Dan.

    Thanks for the tip.

  56. I’ve previously used gamesolution.de but on this occasion after accepting my order they refunded the payment after four days without any explanation. They have not responded to an email but a quick chjeck on their website reveals that availability is poor. I hope this is not indicative of general stock levels in Germany.
    Anyway I have defaulted to Amazon.de the order is in 94.87 euros (slightly dearer than gamesolution who were 91.26) lest see what happens.


  57. Is it still possible to order from Amazon Germany? I get to the ‘artikel’ page and it tells me there isn’t any stock left yet it says you can order on the main page?? Delivered in 5-7 weeks. Is anyone else getting this message? Chris

  58. I ordered a Wii Fit from Amazon.de on the 27th of September it said it would take 5 to 7 weeks for delivery. I’ve just had another email from them informing me the expected delivery date will be between the 27th of November and 17th of December. At this rate I might not get it for Christmas at all!

  59. Many thanks,

    I found your site a while back and ordered a copy using the excellent guide.

    Just remembered to come back,and post that I received it a couple of weeks ago.

    Total time was about 2 and a half weeks, cost about £77 including delivery. Many, many thanks…. I’ve just seen your Wii Fit in stock checker page, looks like this could help lots of people in the build up to Christmas.

    Well done, a pint is coming your way via Paypal!!

  60. Just found this on amazon france, in stock, for 94 euros incl delivery. This works out around £76 I think so well worth it given how out of stock everyone is here at £70.
    Thanks so much for tip!

  61. Hi, great info, cheers, just had delivered the wii fit board from amazon.de, took a whole three days to come(lol) and only £79 inc postage, big thanks, santa’s back in the good boooks…

  62. Hi, this isn’t about Wiis, but do you know if amazon.de delivers to Asia? Coz I read somewhere that you had to have a German address to order stuff on amazon.de, so I’m a little confused.

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