Ordering a Wii Fit Experiment

I have found a European Online retailer that  has allowed me to place an order for a Wii Fit & the Balance Board.  I placed the order on Tuesday night (22/07/08).

They deliver to the UK, and said that it would be delivered in 3-5 days….

If all goes well, it shoud be despatched either today or early next week.

The price was around €96.94 including delivery, which is approx £76.  This is miles cheaper than buying from any of the retailers on the UK market at the moment.

If you are looking for a Wii Fit keep an eye on this blog (Either subscribe via feedburner on the sidebar or bookmark this page)  As soon as I get delivery of the Wii Fit I will post a how-to guide like my Amazon.de guide on a previous post.  The guide is now up: get there by clicking here.

Dan :)

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11 Responses to “Ordering a Wii Fit Experiment”

  1. Good luck,

    I hope this goes well, as I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices on Ebay or amazon marketplace! And all the bundles available on the stock checker sites are so overpriced.

    I’ve subscribed to your site and bookmarked it to make sure I don’t miss out!


  2. Signed up too, hope it works out for you, and then hopefully me!!!

  3. Any chance you could let me know what site this is? Would like to do some checking of it before I order, and the quicker I know where to look the quicker I can hopefully get my wii fit!

  4. Update: I got delivery confirmation via email yesterday. So it is en route. I’ll work on the guide this weekend and hopefully post in the next day or so.

    Dan :)

  5. have you received it yet?

  6. Hi Jo,

    Sorry but I’ve not received it yet. But I’m hoping to publish the how-to-guide tonight. They’ve sent a confirmation email and taken the money from my credit card. So it’s definitely on its way.

    Keep an eye out tonight :)

  7. when you get will you let me know if its able to be set up in english?


  8. Hi Jo,

    It arrived today, I’ve wrote the how-to-guide on the site now. It definitely works in English.

    And I’ve had a copy since May that I ordered from Amazon.de which works fine.

    It’s your console that sets the language not the game itself.



  9. Just ordered mine today so fingers crossed it works ok. Thanks for your guide. How do i we know if its in stock when ordering?

  10. Ordered my wii fit on 8th August using your guide and it arrived on 14th August.

    Thanks very much.

  11. hi ordered my wii fit 15th aug arrived 21st aug thanks to your guide thanks a lot. paul.

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