Ordering a Wii from the UK. Is it possible?

It seems that the German websites, have either ran out of Wiis’s, or don’t deliver to the UK.

The UK does seem to be getting a trickle of Wii consoles in.

So, these are my suggestions

1. I would keep an eye on the Amazon.co.uk widget on the sidebar of this blog.  You may be lucky by hitting in when they are in stock, or keep refreshing!!!  Or you may find one cheap on the Amazon.co.uk marketplace  :)

2. I’ve added links to most of the major retailers in the UK below here, on some you can register to be informed when the Wii’s are in stock.  Some are bundle packages, some are the consoles by themselves!!  All of the links take you straight to the relevant pages on the websites:




















3. A number have people have commented that some sellers on Ebay from elsewhere in Europe may be selling wii’s at a cheaper price than the obscene amounts that the UK based sellers are asking.  The link below is for a powerseller from Germany that is selling a Wii for £208 + £29.99 delivery. Could be worth a look


4. Some mobile phone retailers are offering a Wii as a free gift if you buy a contract phone.  The price will vary depending on which phone or tariff you buy.  If you are needing a new mobile, then this could be a option for you. 





5. If you manage to find a site with a Wii, there is every chance that many people will be frantically typing in their details at the same time as you.  (This is especially true with Amazon.co.uk) So to stay ahead of the crowd I would download the Google Toolbar.

This has an autofill feature that will store your name, address, credit card details etc, all securely on your computer.  Then with a click of a button all of your details are filled in!!  Brilliant!

It is a free utility, that is a part of the Google Pack that is easy to install on Internet Explorer.  Click on the widgets on the sidebar to either download the Google Pack on it’s own.  Or download the excellent Mozilla Firefox that already has the Google Toolbar installed.


Hope you can get a Wii before Christmas

Dan  :)


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34 Responses to “Ordering a Wii from the UK. Is it possible?”

  1. I saw the “Add to basket” button next to a Wii in littlewoodsdirect.

    However, the text above it says “Delivery within 20 Week(s)” !!!!

    Do they (and Buecher) know something that we don’t?


    Site eqivalent to this one in Germany with stock levels. A few there but you
    can only buy one.

  3. http://www.howaboutawii.com

    Try this aswell

  4. After looking at the above links I decided to go with comtech.de. I’m nearly done with my order as it LOOKS like they ship to the UK, but so far there’s no indication of shipping time and I’m not sure what payment they accept. Anybody else tried them?

  5. pix-mainia uk are selling them on ebay item no. 140182691013

    £219 + £7.00 Delivery

    they had about 50 left at

    10.55am sat 24/11/07

  6. I successfully placed an order with Buecher on 21st Nov and at the time it said delivery on 28th Nov. However, last night I received an email telling me they were out of stock until the spring so had canceled my order! Drat! Back to square one…will give some of the new links a try, thanks for those…

  7. can anyone help me to find a wii

  8. i just got one from woolworths, they have now all gone,i have been told they are getting more in thursday 29th from 6 oclock onwards

  9. hey poppygirl. do you mean woolworths online or instore?

    also do you mean 6am or pm?


    - if anyone wants to reply.

  10. for anyone still looking to order a Wii, Dixons have them available to order online from tomorrow at 9am….

  11. Dixons will have Nintendo Wiis for sale at 9am on Wednesday (28th Nov) online. BE VERY QUICK AT CHECKING OUT!!!

  12. Thanks Richard!!

    A word of warning though I would imagine that these would be bundle packs, I believe that whenthey went online last week they were £250+

    To help everyone stand the best chance of getting a Wii I’ve just updated the post with information how to order as quickly as you possibly can from sites! This involves downloading the google toolbar to your browser. Click the widget on the sidebar to go straight there!


  13. I got the email too, they have 1200 but price start from £364.99!!

    Shame on you Dixons.

  14. hi there
    do the french wii’s just require an adapter plug like the german wii’s

  15. Anyone know if woolworths online or instore? thanks

  16. Be careful buying off Ebay. I bought one earlier this week and paid, but the seller is now no longer registered. I’m in the process of claiming my money back through Paypal

  17. I ordered a Wii from computeruniverse.net when the site was first linked to from this page on 14/11/07. I have finally today (29/11/07) received an email advising me that my Wii is being dispatched via UPS. Cost me 283euros or £202 inc. delivery in coin of this realm. Hopefully I’ll have it in a few days.
    Unfortunately Wii’s are only available to pre-order over there now but if you already ordered from them and are still waiting then perhaps all is not lost.

  18. i placed an order for one at kmelektronik.de/ but still waiting for some order status and paid by paypal on 28th, so getting a bit twitchy

  19. Ordered one from http://www.alternate.de apparently they have them in stock, to deliver to UK. Must pay courier on delivery (I’ll tell you how that goes)

    Wiliksons ran out of stock 15 minutes ago (sold out in 10 minutes!)

  20. Might I add alternate.de sends you an email offering you one, you must reply and accept the offer. All together its 290 euros which is 210 GBP.


  21. I must commend how helpful Woolworths have been! I went into the store on Sunday to enquire, on the off chance that they may have, or maybe getting a stock of Wii’s before Christmas. I was told to put my name down on their waiting list and was told that there was a 75% chance that some stock would arrive at the beginning of the week.

    On the Monday lunchtime, one of their staff phoned me to ask if I was still interested - what a silly question ;), He took my address details and said if stock was available I would be called in the evening for the credit card details. True to his word, he called at 6:30 and took down the details. I was told to pick up the receipt from the store the next day and that the unit would arrive by 10th December. However, I got a text yesterday (29/11) to say that the Wii was ready for collection at the store!

    I was really impressed with their level of service. Not only was the bundle price not over the sum of the individual RRP prices (unlike Dixons, Simply Games etc), but they actually bothered to phone me twice (and others as well no doubt) to take the order details.

    Well done to Woolworths!

    Some of the other retailers could learn a thing or two from them about what customer service should be like! A lot of them are only interested in ripping their customers off during the stressful pre-Christmas time!


    DHL offer a forwarding service where you can have the Wii sent to the French/German DHL depot and have them forward it on to the UK! Obviously there is a cost to this but it is still cheaper than the ridiculous prices on ebay!

    This means we can all order from Amazon again!!

  23. RICKY

  24. http://www.gamestation.co.uk  have good deals in stock

    Wii + Wii Sports + 4 games for 300 quid and it’s uk based!
    Hurry though.

    More deals available also.

  25. you must add each item individually until the red # is away from the wii console+sports thing is away

  26. ww.play.com/Games/Wii/4-/3582056/Nintendo-Wii-Console-+-Wii-Sports-+-4-GAMES/Product.html#goto-top

    Looks like play.com might be getting same kind of offer in too, buy it now not available atm tho :)

  27. finally got somewhere with my order and i should be the owner of a wii this friday woo hoo

  28. Anon here, my order from alternate.de was successful, although they were confusing via email I eventually got it.

    Only cost 207 pound!

    Just to let you know there’s an ebay seller fun4kids2play selling new Wiimotes at 38 pound per one! Comes with new silicon protective case

  29. Also some info (as posted) argos are also doing offers!

    Alternate.de are getting a new Wii shipment 18th of December (as will most European and UK retailers). So get ready to visit stores or order on-line as many shipments arrive 18th December.

  30. Well, after several failed attempts with various German websites, I must say that in the end eBay has come up trumps for me, surprisingly. Where possible I would recommend checking eBay during the day as a good deal does occasionally come up. I managed to get a Wii Sports bundle with THREE controllers and two nunchucks today for £230. Shipping was also only £15.

    I needed the extra controllers so this was perfect for me, and I’d rather pay for controllers than for an expensive bundle with games I can’t use multiplayer on - bundles which are also becoming all the more difficult to get, now.

    Even if you’re just looking for a Wii Sports package, again, keep checking on eBay and especially during the daytime. Not ALL the sellers on there are selling at ridiculous prices, thank God!

  31. got mine too hurah

  32. Rapid Electronics in Colchester have the Wii in stock for £279.99 including FREE UK mainland delivery guaranteed before Christmas. Visit rapidonline.com for full details

  33. the shortage of wii’s has brought out the best (sites like this) and worst (the greedy folk selling a basic wii for £300+) in folk…and am i the only one who thinks the big retalers have been holding back wii’s so they can sell them as bundels? ;o)

  34. There is now a huge glut of them on ebay, if you pick to bid on ones that end at daft times, when people or at wotk or asleep ! you can grab a bargain, I won one today at 11.50 am for £112 + £12.50 next day shipping.
    Just to annnoy all the sellers who have bucket loads of them on their hands I have put loads of £1 bids in on their stock, that had no bids at all, you never know,

    I feel sorry for people who were paying up to and over 300 quid some 2-3 weeks ago,
    tho we should have known this would happen.
    sad, last couple of days you can buy one of ebay for or less than the RRP