Ordering from Amazon.fr not possible anymore

As many of you will have realised Amazon.fr have, in effect, closed their European borders for buying a Nintendo Wii to us Brits!  But Amazon.de is still ok!!!  :)

Many people have left comments on my previous blogs which prove this point.

My opinion is that they were worried that the UK would leave them with no Wii’s for Christmas for their own countrymen.

Or maybe the French are still annoyed at us for beating them in the Rugby!  ;)

They have probably stopped us ordering/delivering to a UK address as I believe that once the word spread.  Some “insert curse” from our shores started buying in Wii consoles in bulk.  Then they would attempt to make a tidy a profit by reselling on Ebay/Amazon markeyplace etc!

Once that happened, they have stopped us ordering.  Only my opinion, but I’ll bet it’s pretty close to the mark!

I’m happy and proud that I have helped so many people buy Wii’s in time for Christmas.  Hopefully this will now continue for many more people

Peace, D :)




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Something different about the Wii

32 Responses to “Ordering from Amazon.fr not possible anymore”

  1. I have just placed an order for a Nintendo Wii and have had confirmation by email from amazon.de. on Saturday Nov 10th 12.56pm
    Does your post mean they will not deliver or have I slipped through the net?
    How do I find out when the delivery date is?

  2. Isn’t that illegal - to stop shipping to another EU Country?? Volkswagon were fined a hefty fine for doing something similar - we should report them!!!

  3. If you want to complain to our EU representative then this is our man.


    What’s the point of becoming part of the EU??!!

  4. Just bought a wii console from Amazon.de today Sat 10th Nov at 17:44. All went through ok and delivery 3rd-17th Dec. What a result!

  5. So I just placed an order for a Wii on Amazon.de without incident. Discovered this site after googling to see if anyone else had done the same. Currently they say it’ll dispatch on the 12th Nov. I’ll post if it does.

  6. I’ve just had an email from Amazon.de confirming my order tonight - so looks like they might have lifted their embargo!
    Thanks Dan - thought my kids were going to be disappointed - guess you must be Santa in disguise !

  7. Thank you so much!!! Ordering from Amazon.de was my final hope and yesterday it wouldn’t deliver to the UK. By chance I saw your post Tina and tried again and it worked!!!! My boyfriend better be delighted with his gift :-)

  8. Hi
    I tried and tried the other day, but couldn’t get past the address page, so was pretty much gutted as I’d tried every other source I could find. Then I thought, ‘What the hell, just one more go…” today, and lo! there it was! Unbelievably it went right through the delivery page in no time whatsoever, and I sat staring at the payment page for some time before I realised it was going to actually let me buy!!! YAY!!!!

    Now my son will be happy for Christmas, and I can feel like a good parent again :-D

    Thank you sooooooo much for the tip - you are an excellent, wonderful, stupendous…. person!!

  9. Did my last message go through?

    I got one!!!


    Thank you sooo much Dan!! (pint on the way!)

  10. Managed to get one from German Amazon approx 2 weeks ago. Very happy son looking forward to Xmas. Thanks so much for your advice, was reaching the end of my tether!

  11. As many people have pointed out here ordering a Wii from Amazon.de is still possible. :)

    I don’t think that the french are allowing it though.

    I’ve adjusted the blog above to show this!!

    To help get your Wii quicker I would only order the Wii itself from Amazon.de, any accessories buy from the UK. I recommend this as a few people have said that ordering the Wii with games such as Wii Play has delayed the delivery of the console.

    To help people I’ve added a widget at the bottom of the blog for anyone who wants to order any accessories from Amazon.co.uk

    Good luck everyone in getting the Wii before Christmas!!!


  12. Mine has shipped. Estimated delivery is Fri 16th. :)

  13. hi

    I have just purchased a console from amazon.de, I am so relieved I have got one,

    can anybody help, as I dont speak english, does it say when delivery will be on the emails, I have tried looking for the obvious dates but cannot see anything

    many thanks for you help


  14. sorry my last post meant to read I dont speak german!!!! doooo!

  15. Ann, if you use Google Translate then you’ll get your answer. My initial email told me that it was due to ship on the 12th, with an estimated delivery between the 14th and 17th. Then my shipping email told me it had shipped by regular post on the 12th and that it would be with me on the 16th. So yes, there should be a date on there. If not, go check the status on the Amazon website by clicking on the Mein Konto button at the top, then the LOS button near the Nach Bestellungen geordnet drop down. Enter your email address and password and continue. The screen you get is the status. Cut and paste all that into Google Translate.

  16. I have tried to order a Wii console and sports bundle, and I can’t complete the transaction because ‘This article can unfortunately not at the desired location to be shipped.’ Any ideas why this should be?

  17. I just checke out Amazon Germany and it seems they have the Wii in stock.
    Also I couldn`t find any hint that it might be prohibited to order from foreign countries but I might have missed something in their TOS.
    However, if they stop shipping to e.g. the UK… what if a friend located in Germany would buy one for you and shipped it to you private?
    Nobody should be able to block this…

  18. many thanks zerolight, got another email today and they have said it will be delivered by the 17th November!! result, cannot believe I have got one!!

  19. Have tried to order tonight but will not accept UK delivery address. Any suggestions?

  20. They have blocked uk orsers again. I think when they do this its cos they are low on stock.Try again tomorrow.

  21. I ordered my Wii from Amazon.de last Tuesday and got it yesterday… I simply followed your instructions and now my kids have their Xmas present. My wife and I have nick named you Santa’s Wii Helper… ;-)

  22. I ordered my Wii on Sunday 12th November and it arrive just now 14th November, I am very impressed thanks

  23. Mine apparently has arrived today.

  24. Hi ! I ordered a Wii on 10 Nov from computeruniverse.net - yes they are in Germany ! 249 Euros. Arrived with me by UPS courier on 13 Nov. Not bad service at all…………now I just need to work on getting an extra remote !!!

  25. Wiis are available everyone.

    Go to the homepage to see my latest blog!

  26. Hi All

    Ordered Wii from Amazon.DE on Sunday and to my suprise arrived today (wednesday) !!!!!!! If I had ordered it from the UK I could not have recieved it any faster. There will be some happy kids(and wife) at christmas.
    Thanks Dan.
    Enjoy a pint on me.


    aka ConcreteChicken

  27. we I ordered my wii on Monday night and it arrived today, what a relief, this has spurred me on to getting the rest of my shopping done!

  28. It looks like the Germans have now closed their borders too. I have just tried ordering a nintendo wii from amazon.de (17th Nov) but it came up with an error saying that they could not ship nintendo wii consoles to Germany. Is there something wrong with my computer or is this happening to others as well?

  29. You can still order from the amazon.de website through a seller called mediastop-hw. Its 220 quid which includes delivery. Its not an ideal price but its a lot better than some of our UK Rip off merchants. He also states that it comes with a multi adapter for different plugs. Good luck folks.

  30. Just fyi, the reason amazon have stopped shiping is due to nintendo…………

    my reply from amazon regarding their possible breaking of EU fair trade agreements….

    ‘Thank you for writing to Amazon.de.

    We are very sorry but we are currently unable to ship item “Nintendo
    Wii Konsole - Wii Sports Bundle, white” (ASIN B000UVI1G4) to the
    United Kingdom due to a request from Nintendo Germany.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may
    cause. We value your business and look forward to the opportunity to
    serve you again soon at Amazon.de.

    hmmmmmm, any lawyers about???

  31. Most of you will probably be aware by now, but for those of you that aren’t, DIXONS now have a number of bundles on offer - website only, they no longer have high street shops http://www.dixons.co.uk.
    Stocks seem to be starting to get through in the shops. My local gamestation in Norwich had some bundles yesterday and I bought one from toys r us. Hope this help some of you.

  32. can anyone tell me how to order a wii remote from amazon de - I bought my wii from there but can’t seem to get throught the process to buy the remote without the instructions from amazon uk