Rock Band Wii stock now available for pre order

Rock band for Wii has finally got a release date - this is in 1 week time! 12th September 2008.

I’m updating this post so people can find the best deals available for pre order from the internet retailers.  At the moment I’ve only found the usual suspects who are taking pre-orders.  Namely and are taking pre orders.

The Rock Band Wii version is being released in a variety of different forms and varying prices.  The prices and links are below in the table.

Retailer Description Price Link
Rock Band Game £29.99
Rock Band Guitar £59.99
Rock Band Drums £69.99
Rock Band in a Box £99.99
Rock Band Game £29.99
Rock Band Guitar £59.99
Rock Band Drums £69.99
Rock Band in a Box £129.99

The Xbox 360 version has been released for a while now and sales have been good.  The chat on the net though, is that it is amazingly overpriced here in the UK. This is compared to the package that has been available in the USA for a number of months now.

The Xbox 360 UK version total price (recommended retail price(RRP)) would be £180. The USA version total price was $180, which is approx £90. That is £90 more, or double the price!!! has knocked some money off the RRP, so it’ll set you back £140. But, the USA version is $148 on with the discounts that they give. No justice!

Granted, some people will say that the price we’ll pay for the game + accessories are worth it. Especially for such a revolutionary game. But isn’t this just a case of the UK being ripped-off again?

You have to buy the accessories separately, rather than one big package. Whereas in the states, it was all available as one big package.

As soon as the Wii version has been properly finalized for pre order I’ll post the links on here. What price it’ll be, we’ll just have to wait and see!!

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