Pre Ordering Wii - The Ebay Problem

I think a lot of gamers know about this problem…

  1. A new console is announced
  2. A launch date is confirmed
  3. Pre-order date is confirmed
  4. You wait for ages on a list
  5. You keep waiting
  6. Finally the day comes
  7. You spend all day trying to pre-order the damned thing using every method you can think of
  8. You don’t get one!!!!

Sound familiar??

And the reason you don’t get one…  EBAY!!!  Or truthfully, the opportunity that Ebay presents to people who are want to make money.  People will pre-order not 1 console, but multiple consoles…  Then put the rest on Ebay and sell them for 200% the price they paid!!!!  Aarrrgghhh!!!

However, it seems that Ebay have cottoned on to this and recently announced that they have banned the sale of pre-ordering PS3’s!!!  Yay!!

But it’s too late, as there will still be those who missed out in the first place!!!!!!

Read more about it:

eBay’s bad business practices - Playstation 3 Auction = BAN!

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