Pre Ordering Wii - Why is the UK last?

I’m that passionate about the Nintendo Wii and how it is going to revolutionise the way we play games that I can’t wait any longer. I’ve had my name down on a pre-order list for over a month now.

My passion is tainted though when I read that the rest of the world will be able to own and play on the Wii before me…

It seems that whenever a new piece of technology enters the market the UK and Europe always receives it last! Almost all games consoles are first released in the USA, then Japan, then if we’re lucky Europe.

Why is this??

The Nintendo Wii is the latest to follow this trend.
USA release date: 19th November 2006
Japan release date: 2nd December 2006
Australia & New Zealand release date: 7th December 2006
Eurozone & UK release date: 8th December 2006
This trend isn’t just for games consoles…

The UK is usually last for new mobile phones, for movies, for TV shows!!!  It’s very frustrating!!!!

Is it just me who feels that the UK is treated as a lower class market than the rest of the world????

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2 Responses to “Pre Ordering Wii - Why is the UK last?”

  1. Hear hear friend. Couldn’t agree more. However, when we DO finally get our hands on one, we’ll be even more impressed than any other country ;-)

  2. i know yer how sad is r country i am dieing to have it and get to have a go on the 8th then it goes away for x mas this is sick i wont it on the 19th wa the diffense between us and usa .

    ps my msn is

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