PS3 Slim vs Wii

The new Sony PS3 Slim (120GB model) console is launched / released on Tuesday 1st September here in the UK.

The name is PS3 Slim, and Sony have certainly slimmed it down in a lot of ways.

The big question I have is:

Will it affect the future sales of the Nintendo Wii??

For me, the most important factor in this posed question is the price.  The guys at Sony have slimmed the price of the PS3 Slim, compared the the equivalent model of the PS3.  The original price here in the UK for the 60GB PS3 (should we call it the PS3 Fat ;) ) was £425!!  The “weight watchers” version has been priced up for a preorder RRP of £249.99.  This is a massive drop in launch price in a very competitive market, and obviously has double the hard-drive size as well to boot.  But is it close enough to the current (and still the same of the launch price Wii price) of  £179.99?   It’s a difference of £70, or a 39% hike , and you can get extra games and accessories included in that for the Wii from some retailers at the moment.  Is the £70 difference an important issue for a would be buyer who’s choosing between the Wii, PS3 Slim and the Xbox360??  It would be for me in the current financial climate.

The new PS3 Slim has some very impressive new facts and figures compared to it’s predecessors:

  1. 32% smaller
  2. 36% lighter
  3. consumes 34% less power than the PS3 Fat (I think I’ll carry on calling it that, I like it)

The Playstation 3 Slim also features: video chat, internet access, digital photo viewing, and digital audio & video.

In my opinion I still think the PS3 Slim will come up short in the console wars this upcoming Christmas.  Only time will tell, what do you think?

Red Corner VS Blue Corner
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