Red Steel 2 UK release date and pre order

Red Steel 2The original Red Steel was one of the most hyped games when the Wii was launched in 2006.  Unfortunately, it was probably the biggest disappointments of the launch games.  We all dreamed of being able to use the Wii controller to slice and dice the bad guys with accuracy!  This was not the case as I’m sure you’ll agree if you have ever played the original.

4 years on and the sequel Red Steel 2 is soon to be released with the same amount of hype, and thanks to some hands-on previews it seems all our prayers have been answered.  Red Steel 2 will be launched in the UK on March 26th 2010, the USA release date is March 23rd 2010.

At the bottom of this Red Steel 2 UK Release Date page is the Red Steel 2 video preview. This shows some excellent shots of the game. It also describes how the Wii controllers have been utilised to make this a compelling RPG game for hard-core and newbie gamers alike.

In Red Steel 2 you control a character with no name, who is the last survivor of a clan - The Kusagari. The developers Ubisoft have tried to make the swordplay as intuitive as possible by using the Wii’s ace, the Wii Motion Plus Controller (One of these controllers can be bundled with the game). I am loving the fact, that Red Steel 2 is a brand new game, so it has relevance to the dire original - Red Steel.

Red Steel 2 GirlThe setting is in a futuristic Cowboy-like metropolis with influences of both the Far East and the Wild West. For example, you battle with 2 types of weapons, the katana (Far East), and the revolvers (Wild West). This first person shooter teaches you how to play the game through required training levels and as you play through the game.

By earning money throughout the game you can upgrade your weapons or learn new special moves. These sequences are executed by using combinations of buttons on the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk. The gameplay is almost at a constant 60 frames per second, so for the Wii this should be one of the most fluid looking and playing games available.

Red Steel 2 can be pre ordered from the usual retailers. The RRP is £39.99 for the game alone, or £49.99 with a Wii Motion Plus accessory attached. I’ve personally got mine in from, as they, for some reason, have the Red Steel 2 bundle at a cheaper price. It is currently at £29.73, which is a saving of over 40%. Check out the table below to get the link and a great pre-order special edition from This Exclusive Pre-Order Pack includes:

- Exclusive Red Steel 2 artbook - take a voyage through the Red Steel 2 universe with an exclusive Red Steel 2 art book containing the influences, sketches and drawings made by the Red Steel 2 team
- Red Steel 2 branded metal bullet
- Unlock four exclusive in-game weapons: the Tataro .357 Magnum, Cord Industries Barracuda .357 AMP, Kuro No Ken (The Black Blade) and Nihonto Hana (The Blossom Sword)

Retailer Description Price Link
Red Steel 2 with Wii Motion Plus Accessory £29.73
Red Steel 2 with Exclusive Pre-Order Pack £34.99

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