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Rock Band for Nintendo Wii UK stock available

Rock Band for the Nintendo Wii release date here in the UK has been announced.

It is next Friday - 12th September 2008.

Currently both and are taking pre-orders for this quite spectacular game.  Click on the links below to go straight to the order screen so you don’t miss out.

Games for the Wii are usually not going out of stock - unless it is bundled with a piece of hardware.  Such as the Wii Fit with the Balance Board.  The same may happen for Rock Band with the Guitar, Drums and the microphone…  Especially with Christmas approaching very fast.

If you’ve not seen Rock Band it is bascially an improved upon version of the brilliant Guitar Hero, but with the facility to play the drums, sing in the microphone as well as play the guitar.  Have a look at this youtube clip which shows how much fun it is.  You can watch it at the bottom of this post

Rock Band is an expensive game granted, but having played a Xbox360 version I’ve just pre-ordered mine from

Retailer Description Price Link
Rock Band Game £29.99
Rock Band Guitar £59.99
Rock Band Drums £69.99
Rock Band in a Box £99.99
Rock Band Game £29.99
Rock Band Guitar £59.99
Rock Band Drums £69.99
Rock Band in a Box £129.99

YouTube video:

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