Save money on Wii Games at 12 days of Christmas Sale

Amazon are currently having a 12 days of Christmas Sale for most products that they sell. The Nintendo Wii is no exception with a plethora of Wii Games available at rock-bottom prices. These cheap prices are sometimes 60% off the recommended retail price.

This great offer that is currently running for cheap Wii games will end on the 4th December 2009 at 23:59. So basically you have until Saturday the 5th of December to take advantage of these prices for Christmas presents and gifts! I know I will be!!

Examples of the great Wii Games that are on offer are:

  1. EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer - Usually £44.99, now £24.98 (44% Saving)
  2. Rabbids Go Home - Usually £39.99, now £19.97 (50% Saving)
  3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes - Usually £39.99, now £17.98 (55% Saving)
  4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 - Usually £39.99, now £22.99 (43% Saving)
  5. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (Balance Board Compatible) - Usually £19.99, now £12.96 (35% Saving)
  6. The Beatles Rock Band - Usually £39.99, now £14.00 (65% Saving)
  7. EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis - Usually £39.99, now £24.97 (38% Saving)
  8. The Beatles Rock Band Bundle - Usually £179.99, now £119.96 (33% Saving)

Pretty incredible really, go and check them out yourself at here.

Retailer Description Link 12 days of Christmas Sale for Great Wii Games
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