Sites that have Nintendo Wii’s

***UPDATE 21/11/2007 5PM*** 

It seems that the stocks are Buecher have run dry after a spree of ordering.

However, they are saying that the will have stocks in 10 days.

Some of the other sites aren’t delivering to the UK.  Unfortunately!!

As soon as I have new sites I’ll post them straight away!

Dan  :)


I’ve wrote this blog so I can keep updating it as soon as I find retailers that have stock and will deliver to the UK.

Please leave a comment if you are successful, or if you are having problems.

These retailers are all from germany so opening up google translator in a new window will be a good idea!! The first 2 sites have been known about for a few days, the others I’ve just found!!!

Click on the links to take you straight to the order screen.

Cxtreme - €255

Conrad - €255

Buecher - €248.95

MyToys - €249.99

Cancom - €284.41

Printus24home - €253.99

Hitseller - €248.00

Some may be more expensive, but they may have cheaper delivery.

I hope that these new sites I’ve added will be able to provide a Wii for you in time for Christmas!



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Something different about the Wii

107 Responses to “Sites that have Nintendo Wii’s”

  1. I’ve just placed on order with Buecher you need to pay via credit card, but they have them in stock and delivery to the UK.

    I’ll let you know who it goes.

  2. Same here. Cancelled at computeruniverse and ordered at Buecher. Says ‘In stock’. Paid 287.89 inc an in stock game (Endless Ocean for 31.99) and 6.95 shipping. Cheers for the tip. WIll post with an update.

  3. Also just placed an order with Buecher. Fingers crossed!

  4. hi i have just ordered from printus24home, you have to register then order, found it tricky but i have a email thanking me for my order so i guess it worked, i used alta vista tanslator throughout the process,just hope my wii comes soon! Payment oprions are paypal, and card.

  5. ToysRUs are receiving deliveries… our local store received a “huge delivery” yesterday; The Liverpool store has received a delivery today… they ARE out there (somewhere!)

  6. Thanks for this info and good luck to Glen - I’ll be keeping me eye on this. I’m desperate for a Wii (no pun intended) and would consider this too. Can’t say my German is too good though and translators don’t do a great job since a lot of the website is buttons etc and not textual.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Just managed to order a wii using the link above. Seems to have worked - I used google translator to get to the right order details but note that the translation doesn’t work on the screens with data entry. Easily fixed using babel website to check the words that weren’t obvious.

    This site charges a 6.95 euro delivery charge, which i think is great compared with many of the UK rip-offs

    Christmas, it seems, is back on!!

  8. Hi guys,

    Glad people have managed to order through Buecher.

    I’ve added another link for a site called mytoys. They accept credit cards. From what I can see they deliver to the UK, but it may be only up to a certain weight of the package. I can’t work out if the Wii is too heavy!?!?!?!!?

    If any one is successful please leave a comment.

    Good luck


  9. one more thing: when you put in your address details on beucher, DON’T put any spaces as it won’t accept it

    have had a confirmation email so fingers crossed…

  10. My order status has changed from the intial PROCESSING to ARTICLE IN TREATMENT. Anyone care to guess what this very literal translation actually means ?

  11. Hi all,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, after many days of bidding on ebay to prices well to say the least are unbelievable I have just ordered on buecher and hopefully its ok !! will I have a happy daughter or what!!

    I would suggest staying away from cxtreme and conrad - the sites are more difficult to understand and although I originally ordered with cxtreme they have only - a cash on delivery option for those outside Germany - I had to phone Germany to enquire how I paid this cash and nobody could help me out with how I could transfer the money, apparently Germany has a 8 digit sort code, we (in Northern Ireland) have a six digit sort code incompatible apparently (may be different in England) I need to ring tomorrow to make sure that the system is cancelled.
    Conrad have an international website which is in english you can pay with paypal but alias no WII consoles.

    Will let you know when the delivery arrives - what life savers.

    Thanks again for helping my Christmas survive without floods of tears and “its not fairs”.

  12. Giuys ive been sat here for an hour now trying to order from Buecher. Do you need to register before ordering?? I am using a translator. I order wii then go to next page which asks me for password and email addy. Cant get any further than there without registering and i dont know how to. Any help please
    cheers shaz

  13. Just to let everyone know that Dixons will have Wiis available to buy online on Wednesday at 8am. BE THERE ON TIME AND CHECKOUT VERY QUICKLY BECAUSE THE STOCK WILL SELL OUT ALMOST IMMEDIATELY

  14. If you’ve got “Artikel in Bearbeitung” that means article in progress according to Google. My guess is they are just dealing with the order?

  15. Just had a fairly easy time ordering from Beucher. Babelfish was a great help with the tricky passages my ‘O’ level German let me down on! Seems to have all gone through and I received email confirmation immediately. Total paid 255,90 for the Wii Sports bundle, which is £182 - much more palatable than the rip-off prices on Amazon and eBay! Everything crossed for a swift and safe arrival…..

  16. Shaz - best go back and after selecting the Wii and clicking Zur Kasse, select the bottom login button “Ich möchte bestellen, ohne meine Daten zu speichernwhich” is to order without opening an account with Beucher. It will ask for email address during the process but that’s to confirm your order. Babelfish worked well for me for translations. Good luck.

  17. Hi guys,

    I’m glad people are finding success with Buecher. Unfortunately I’m sure that they can’t have stock forever.

    Has anyone ordered from the other sites that I put up today?

    I’ve just added another link to a new site called hitseller, a good price at €248. Unfortunately, I can’t link direct to the product yet!!! I’m working on it though! Just type in Wii into the search box (Suche), then click Enter.


  18. To Shaz - the page that asks for email & password is for those who have registered before on the beucher website. Ignore the two main boxes and scroll down, then just put a tick in the bottom box (this one means “I want to order without registering” and it will let you carry on…good luck and post again tomorrow if you’re still having trouble

  19. Think I’m giving up. MyToys will not deliver out of Germany and Buecher is not showing any delivery timescale now, so may be out of stock. I didn’t manage to get anywhere on Printus24 ewither.
    We had put an order through on TechnikDirekt, thought we’d paid etc, but have been told that the transaction was not completed.
    I am a bit surprised that in the EU stores are allowed to refuse to deliver outside thier country - I’d have thought this would be regarded as a barrier to free trade.
    Hey ho

  20. hitseller only appear to deliver to mainland Europe.

  21. I wouldn’t get carried away. “DATE OF DELIVERY INDEFINITELY” is now the product status as opposed to yesterday’s “IN STOCK”

  22. Please help me im getting stuck on the last page of ordering ive put in address and im on last page. I click to comfirm order and im supposed to get a page up which allows me to pay via credid card but i get a microsoft box come up that says
    bitte geben sie durch anklicken des kastchens ihr einverstandnis zu unseren AGB
    it gives me a chance to click ok but then nothing happens. By the time ive mastered this they will all be gone please help

  23. Hi
    Not sure if Hit seller is ok but doesnt seem to have UK delivery on it.
    Anyone tried this one yet?

  24. The bottom 4 sites listed on the front page are either no stock or Germany only. WIth Buecher now not worth ordering from, it’s looking grim.

  25. Hitseller doesn’t deliver to Britain. It only has Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Poland as the available destination country.

  26. Think I may have got one from Printus 24. Registering is bit difficult as postcode isnt accepted. I put 00000 in small box then my county, postcode and UK in the other one and it seems to have accepted it. Got email confirming order though, so hope it is ok!! SIte still says wii available so hopefull

  27. Ordered a wii from cxtreme with an extra remote for just under 300 euros. it wouldn’t let me pay by credit card but i think i selected pay upon delivery

  28. Thanks Ricky for alerting me about Dixons’ stock availability - I have finally ordered mine - well, the kid’s X’mas present!! Thanks again

  29. Now found some on ebay germany with UK adapter thrown in!! Get lucky!!!!

  30. I don’t want to be advertising another blog but this is done in good faith - I spent a few hours working without Conrad and spent a good few hours trying to work around (by trying to get a germanaic postbox) but to no avail.

    I know these are normally bundles, and I also know that some only want the console, but it gets you a UK Wii, with little or no premium on the console. I got a Wii plus Paper Mario, Zelda and Mario Strikers (plus some Brain game) for £300 and it has already arrived. Consider it.


    PS. This site is such a good idea and seems like a godsend to those who really want one - dhibell I salute you: The Robin Hood of the Wii!

  31. Just got email from Printus 24 to say they are not shipping to UK so cross that one off !!!!!!

  32. I placed an order last night from Buecher, and the order status says “booked in advance”

    Any idea what this means?? Anyone else getting this too?

  33. Has anyone else ordered from cxtreme? I ordered last night but still havn’t got an e-mail confirmation so im not quite sure what happened.

  34. Buecher now “AVAILABLE IN 10 DAYS”, so that’s better than earlier

  35. my Nephew ordered me one from germany via e bay ,price 284.99 euros+20 euros p+p email adress pay pay pal

  36. Hi,
    What about the Italian version of Wii. will it be the same as the French or germen version?

  37. i have a wii that i got from but i now need the money so anyone who can collect from warrington can buy it for £210 which is what it cost me have reciept to prove it. if intersted email me at

  38. my order status from Buecher says ‘booked in advance’ too, they say they’ll have stock in 10days….fingers crossed!!

  39. I’m getting booked in ‘advance as well’, can’t find out what it means

  40. hi just ordered from beucher saying available in 10 days,got order confirming email,hope its ok,rather try this than pay some robbing ebayer

  41. Gave up on Germany. They seem to have clamped down on UK delivery. Have managed to get one from ebay spain. With the help of babelfish contacted the bloke and bargained postage down to 25 euros so got it for 274 euros. Sad to see though that all the European ebays have wii consoles for 300 - 350 and any coming from UK are at least 450 euros. Makes us look very greedy indeed

  42. anyone been hit with a heafty import tax yet?

  43. Kim Mitchell (15:29:21) :

    Just got email from Printus 24 to say they are not shipping to UK so cross that one off !!!!!!

    alison: i havent received that from printus? i ordered monday though, i got a confirmation of order, did your ’sorry cannot post to uk’ email come soon after your confirmation email, im worried now :o(

  44. well, ive just checked and theyve taken my money so i guess im getting a Wii, YEA!!!!!

  45. Hi I ordered a wii from Buecher when they were in stock then my account said “Vorbestellt” which I believe means reserve and that stock is due in 10 days. Now the site is saying stock due in Jan 2008.

    This means that I have to try and get my money back! Does anyone know if this is easy? Has anyone had any luck with a wii coming from Buecher?

    Im a bit gutted as I thought I had Christmas sorted for a couple of days!! Where can I go next??? Any ideas please?

  46. i emailed buecher about the ‘booked in advance’ they replied saying they are expecting a large delivery in next few days and they are fulfilling orders in the order they received them and they will let me know within 2-3 days if i will get one or not….wait and see i guess!!!

  47. my order at buecher is still ‘Vorbestellt’ but stock is now showing as ‘January 2008′.

    guess i’ll cancel then :(

  48. The first email response I had from Beucher said they were waiting for an special delivery in the next few days and would fulfil orders as soon as they could but I have had to email them back as I need to cancel it… my lovely, lovely partner queued in Asda this morning as we had heard they were getting Wiis in stock and HE GOT ONE!!!

    If for some reason, I can’t cancel from Beucher and it arrives, i will post on here so that someone can have it at whatever it eventually costs me

  49. my order from buecher is now saying january 2008 too, i’ve emailed them to see what story is because they told me this morning they wouldnt know for 2-3days….GAME stores have them in stock only available to buy instore though…but worth a try i’m going in early tomorrow cos they being delivered in the morning, worth checking out if you near one! someone might be lucky!!!


    Would this fit a german Wii plug and if so would it be better than a normal adapter?


  51. hey
    i got a wii of with Wii sports the simpsons and wwe all for £260 and it will be here on saturday so try that they dont take money either till its dispatched and u get a tracking number for it


  52. Got one in GAME Manchester Arndale today. Just walked past and checked on the off chance. Now, how the hell do I cancel Buecher ?!

  53. GK if you go to buecher site and click MEIN KONTE in top right hand corner and log in with your email then then once iyou in over on left you should see Mein Bestellung and click on that it shuld bring you into your order and you should have the option to cancel there…i know i do on mine? i’m holding out til morning to cancel in the hope i get one in GAM|E in the morning…alls crossed

  54. Thomas that link does nt work. This is the one o got for my german wii.

  55. Thanks, Amanda, but nothing jumps out at me. Can you be more specific ? Ta.

  56. GK go to In top right hand corner should see ‘mein konto’ click it and should bring you to page where in middle says ‘login’ fill in your email address and password (assuming you registered before ordering) once there on left hand side in bluey kinda box you should see ‘meine bestellungen’ click it and your order profile should come up…in red you should see ‘verbestellt’ which means prebooked and directly underneath it you should see ’storieren’ which means cancel…thats what mine says anyway! failing that email include your order number and they probably get back to you…very prompt response time in fairness to them…hope this helps

  57. GK
    I emailed Beucher direct on and they cancelled my order. Just reply to the email they first sent you. They are very helpful

  58. I ordered from Beucher a few days ago. it said Wiis were in stock and gave me an order no. , but I’ve had no E-Mail from them. They money is waiting to be authorised at my bank but i can’t get any communication from them and i’ve sent 3 E-mails to customer services. I’m tryin to send a fax this morning but i don’t know what esle to do.

  59. cancelled order with buecher this morning online after queuing at 830 this morningfor GAME i now have a wii, i’ll have one happy child on christmas morning!

  60. Michelle Youre a star just orderd one from Many thanks for posting that. Kids will me over the moon at Christmas

  61. Very disappointed in Buecher, item was ‘in stock’ when I ordered. I have cancelled my order with them.

  62. Just had email to say Buecher has cancelled my order, and they will be back in stock Spring 2008??

  63. Glen - same here; back to the drawing board….!

  64. just had an e-mail from Buecher telling me that they will not have stock until spring 2008, they have cancelled my order

  65. I placed an order with Beucher on Tuesday and then sent an email to Customer Services on Wednesday for update on when new stock is coming in. I got a reply this morning (Friday) stating that they are getting a large supply in a few days and that they will process the orders by date of order receipt. At this point I thought there’s a good chance that Beucher will fulfill my request.

    Then in the afternoon, I get the following email out of the blue:

    Dear customer,

    thank you for your order.

    Unfortunately we cannot deliver the “Wii Sports Bundle White” because it is also out of stock in Germany.
    According to manufacturer the article can be delivered again in spring 2008.
    We have cancel your order.

    We regret any inconvenience.

    Best regards GmbH & Co. KG
    Ihre Kundenbetreuung

    Now call me a sceptic but there is no way Nintendo are not going to supply to Germany (or any other EU country for that matter) until Spring 2008!

    Someone is telling PORKY PIES!!!

  66. For those still looking for wii GAME have them to order online at the minute, prices start at 324….

  67. My status for Beucher now says shipped and they have given me a DHL tracking link which says the item has left there sorting office in Germany. It seems they might be still delivering, i guess ill wait and see if it turns up.

  68. Beucher have just cancelled my order!

    They sent a very nice and apologetic email though! Wonder if they fancy running a national team?

  69. Beucher have now cancelled mine too,could not get online today so missed out ,anyone know if anywhere has stock in tommorow?

  70. Hi
    Thanks for all this help -it’s great! I have ordered a Wii console from cextreme and received confirmation invoice one day later. Downside was bank transfer payment system - my bank charged £17.50 which is a bit steep. Will just have to hope it arrives now. As sod’s law would have it I was in a Game store in Edinburgh yesterday and they had one console in stock (returned by a customer) so I bough it too as back up. If German adventure comes good you might see it on ebay soon!!?

  71. If i buy a nintendo Wii from will it have a warranty because if it breaks will you have to send it back to or nintendo or what ?

  72. Has anyone had their money back from their cancelled orders on Beucher? Im still waiting for a reply to my email asking how long it will take? Getting a bit concerned now!!

  73. Lisa my order from buecher is still on my credit card too, i’ve emailed them a few times now to see when they’ll refund me but have no response….i’ve explained situation to my bank and am waiting for them to get back to me as to what i can do….

  74. This may be of use if your company has a German office.

    I’ve secured my Wii with Sports pack from for 253 Euro including express delivery - they have stock and will accept a UK credit card / billing address with a German delivery address.

  75. Printus24home have let me down and now im surfing like a headless chicken….will update when i have one, i hope…and pray!!

  76. woolworths have them right now hurry up people £254 and 249

  77. oh dear…i just ordered a wii from prints24home (Germany) why have they let you down :-(

  78. Still available at woolworths online. Just got one, AT LAST CHRISTMAS SORTED!


  79. damn im too late but i have just seen one in my local newspaper for £220 with wii sports and mario football :)

  80. got mine 2day yes only waited 4days brill

  81. my order so far looks sucessful with printus24home (Germany) they have sent me an email thanking me for my order with an order number,and said its in stock for immediate despatch…haven’t had an email as yet refusing to ship to uk…

    only cost 10euros to ship…total 249.00 euros/about £280 and only need to change plug..

    ratherthat than bamboozled into buying a bundle..

    might eat my words though as its in middle process..

    fingers crossed eh!

  82. just wondering…why is everyone buying adapters for euro wiis? why not cut of end and put an english plug on..

  83. If anyone is interested, there is a happy ending to my story. I managed to get hold of a Wii today at the local HMV.

  84. Glen thats great you got a WII….you had originally ordered one from buecher, did you get refund from them?? i only ask cos i still havent….

  85. errr Just so you know this Wii mania is rather hyping the console, my son’s one is now gathering dust, as are alot of his friends who managed to buy one in 2006, all the popular games are fun for a while, and the the Wii controls are also fun, but boy, you soon get bored with it and your arms and hands ache like hell.
    If ytou get one for £179 then OK, its just about worth a play with, actually the games on our Gamecube get played more ! as the controls are much easier to use,

    If you end up having to potentially pay way over the odds or buy a bundle with games that are mostly poor,
    best go for a 360, the graphics are amazing , online play and blueray DVD thingy is amazing and the games are REAL video games, that give longevity to to the whole console ,
    If your child is over 12, they will thank you in the long run !

  86. Hi Alison,

    Thanks for your comments.

    If people are interested in the alternatives that are available. If you can’t get get a Wii for Christmas, read my previous post to see what other consoles are there on the market.

    Click here to read the post

    Dan :)

  87. I placed an ordered on the site on the 20th November and my Wii console + Wii sports arrived today (27th). Their website is easy to use. The package cost 248 euro and the postage to Britain is an unbelievable 6 euro. Use the google translator and its no problem. Good luck to those who try.

  88. Amanda, I’ve checked my credit cards and I’ve not been charged by Buecher. I seem to remember it saying on the buecher website that my credit card would not be charged until the item was sent out.

  89. Tried a few of these today. and Cancom are both restricted to deliveries only in Germany and Austria. Buecher is now saying delivery only from January.

  90. Travelling to Palma Majorcia, Spain. Anyone know any stockists of the Wii there?

  91. Dixons online have them in stock today the only problem is that they are being sold in bundles.

  92. Just go a Nintendo Wii off Ebay for £209 + £7.99 delivery uk version only 2 left ! ViewItem&item=190179379270

  93. Got *

  94. None left there now but I notice that ebayer is in Ireland and has no feedback at all as a seller, just a few points accumulated as a buyer.

  95. Argos have had Wii & 3 games & accessory pack for £239.93, get it while u can!!

  96. Thanks! I managed to get one from Argos. But for anyone still trying deliver to UK I phoned then cos I had a problem with my credit card going through. They were very helpful & say they have loads of Wii’s in stock & only about £190. I gave up on my card- the bank said there was no reason why it wouldn’t go through, so others may have more luck with theirs!

  97. Anyone had any luck recently shipping Wii in from outside the UK?
    Thanks in advance for your comments.

  98. Ann how much do they charge for delivery?

  99. The price I quotes includes devlivery to UK

  100. Just ordered one from Buecher, said in stock, so will keep my fingers crossed! Very reasonable, came to around £181 for Wii sports package inc delivery. Almost too good to be true IF it arrives!

  101. Sheri have you had a confirmation that they will ship to the UK yet? I’m struggling to find a website outside this country that will ship.

  102. Ade - I’m hoping that the fact Beucher have got great Britain in the destination box and have charged me the same amount for shipping (very cheap 6 euros!) as someone else above, who got theirs from Beucher, means that they’ll ship here! It’s all a bit ‘fingers crossed’ at the mo. Give them a try?

  103. Sheri - thanks for your reply, they’re showing zip in stock (as are most) now. Hope you get yours :-)

    Anyone else - any pointers? Tried ordering from this afternoon being creative with the address details but it wouldn’t accept my address without a valid German postal code. Heard that if you left the ‘where do I live’ box as ‘Germany’, they would deliver to the UK if all your details were on the form somewhere but it don’t seem to work.

  104. go to john lewis, they have stock including sports & super paper mario for £211.95

  105. have stock of Wii with 3 games & accessory pack for £239.93 (accessories are worth £100.00!!) get on there now!!!

  106. i got my wii from hmv with 3 games after weeks of trying. they are out there!!!

  107. Ordered mine from that were showing stock and said the item should be with me in 6-10 days. Just had an email informing me that delivery will be towards the back end of Jan!! 2 weeks after I ordered :(