Star Fox 64 Wii Virtual Console Game Review

Star Fox 64Star Fox 64 is a game on the Virtual Console that was ported from the Nintendo 64. The original Star Fox 64 was one of the best game on a console that is arguably the best console ever produced. The ported version on the Virtual Console is pretty good, but it does have a few flaws that takes away from the gaming experience.

The plot of Star Fox 64 is essentially an expanded remake of the original Star Fox on the Super Nintendo.. An evil mastermind named Andross has taken over the Lylat system, and the head of the Cornerian armed forces, General Pepper, calls an elite mercenary air squadron named Star Fox to help. The team consists of Fox McCloud, the old leader’s son, Peppy Hare, his mentor and father’s best friend, Falco Lombardi, an arrogant but skilled pilot, and Slippy Toad, the tech expert and inept pilot. This elite team has to liberate various planets and help other the allied Lylat armies on their offensive towards Venom, Andross’ home planet. Considering the game is an on rails shooter, the story is incredibly deep.

The gameplay is classic Star Fox. For most of the game you follow set paths as an on rails shooter but you do get movement on the screen to evade enemy fire. One of the two great innovations in this game made it’s way to the Virtual Console port, that being “All Range Mode.” In “All Range Mode” the gameplay switches to a full 3D environment and real dogfights occur. This is the most entertaining part of the game and I was happy to see it. However, the most important innovation and contribution to modern video gaming did not make it to the game and that is the rumble feature. When released on the N64, it was the first game to feature the Rumble Pack and came packaged with it. No other game had vibration features up to that point so not to see it, is a travesty to me.

Star Fox 64The graphics and sound were ported perfectly from the N64. Everything runs and sounds smooth. At the time the graphics were top of the line but have now become antiquated. Nonetheless, I still get happy memories every time I see the game being played. The controls are ok on the classic remote. I think it would be better on a Gamecube remote..

Star Fox 64 is a good game to have on the Virtual Console currently on sale for 1000 Nintendo points. It may be a steep price tag, but ultimately is worth it if you don’t have the Nintendo 64 anymore. Star Fox 64’s great gameplay and originality make it stand out. The replayability of the game, which is great due to different paths to take, different endings, and a great multiplayer mode make it a must have. I wish that Nintendo could have found a way to incorporate the rumble feature, but until then it’s just something we’ll all have to deal

Game review by Anthony Lifrieri.

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