Still looking for Mario Kart Wii stock

Mario Kart has been out now for at least a couple of months now.  And the demand just has not stopped!!

Most online retailers haven’t any stock left.  When they do, it seems that they only last a few minutes, then they’re sold out again.

However, Europe has loads of stock! :)

So, check out a few of my previous posts about ordering from, click on the links below to go read them:

Ordering Wii Fit from Germany

Ordering a Wii Console from

Done that?  Seen that it is possible?  It also sometimes works out cheaper, it’s definitely cheaper than ordering from Ebay sellers and Amazon-Marketplace sellers, so get there now.

Click here to go straight to the order page on

Leave open the post about Wii Fit ordering and follow the how-to guide!

Voila! :)

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