UK Stock of Guitar Hero World Tour available now to order

The latest edition of Guitar Hero, (originally named Guitar Hero IV or 4) is due for release on the Wii on November 7th 2008 in the UK.  (It is released on 26th October in the USA)  It will be a joint launch with the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PS2.

Stock is currently available from multiple online retailers – you can use the table below to compare prices and pre order from the UK or the USA.

Guitar Hero World Tour will be following in the footsteps of the franchise, but taking it to another level.  To compete with “Rock Band” that was released earlier this year GH World Tour will contain a drum kit, bass guitar and microphone.

Retailer Description Price Link
Guitar Hero World Tour: Band Bundle £149.98
Guitar Hero World Tour: Band Bundle £149.99
Guitar Hero World Tour: Band Bundle £149.99
Guitar Hero World Tour: Band Bundle £149.99
Guitar Hero World Tour: Band Bundle £149.99
Guitar Hero World Tour: Band Bundle + FREE bass guitar From around £160
Guitar Hero World Tour: Band Bundle £149.99

It will be the first version of the series on the Wii that has the downloadable content capability.  So Nintendo Wii users will be able to download new licensed songs for the game and store them on either the internal memory or on an SD card in a “Rock Archive”.  Playlists will then be able to created from this new content.  Excellent…..

One of the great parts of the Guitar Hero series is the ability to create your own songs.  World Tour will allow players to create and then share their songs through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The Wii version will be special as it allows us to use our Miis as characters in a “Mii Freestyle” mode.  It is rumoured that it will also allow players to improvise songs on the fly via the guitar and drum controllers or using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Other special Wii exclusives are that the Wii Remote will fit into a slot on the Drums so that it can become wireless.  Sweet!

The game is available to be bought in 3 separate packages.  The Guitar Hero World Tour Band Bundle is the whole package that includes: Guitar Hero Game, Guitar, Drum Kit, Microphone and free Wireless Bass Guitar Controller.  These are all shown in the table above and the links straight to the pre-ordering page:

Watch a preview here on this YouTube video:

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