Stock of Wii Fit from Europe will deliver to the UK

As promised here is my how-to order guide for a Wii Fit.  The total cost to you for your Wii Fit will be €96.94.  Which will be approximately £76.  Sounds better than paying >£100 on Ebay.

To go to the retailer click here.

As you can see the retailer is from Germany.  It will work perfectly well on your UK console as the game language is set on your machine not the game.  To get a pdf download of the Wii Fit instruction book you can download it here from nintendo’s website.  So if you click here to open up google translator for any german that I’ve not already translated for you.  This is also useful for the emails that you’ll receive in german.

1. So stage one, the link above takes you straight to the order screen, shown here.

So click on the Yellow Button labelled “kaufen” - which will put a Wii Fit in your basket.

2. The next page shows your quantity of the Wii Fit and the price in Euros.

So click the “Zur Kasse” button which will take you to the the next screen.

3.  The next screen is where you can register with the retailer.  I didn’t as it meant not having to fill in any more extra screens.  So to not register make sure the bottom left button is checked like in the picture below.  This is the one next to the german saying “Ich mochte bestellen, ohne meine Daten zu speichern“.

Then click on the “Weiter” button on the bottom right to go to the next screen.

4.  Now it is time to enter your address.  You have to have the same delivery address as the address for your credit card as you are ordering from outside of Germany.  Fill in your address using the screen shot below.  GrossBritannien needs to be selected.  Ignore the right hand side options (this is about having the delivery address different to the billing address which you can’t do anyway), leave it as it is on the image below.

On the post code line the first box is the post code without any gaps.  The second box is for your village/town/city.  When all this has been done click the “Weiter” button on the bottom right again to proceed.

The last boxes are for your date of birth, entered in the Day|Month|Year format.

5.  The next screen are your payment options, as you are buying from outside of Germany the only option is by credit card so leave it as it is in the image below then you gussed it - click the “Weiter” button on the bottom right.

6. Right now is the time to review your order.  This shows you the delivery costs to the UK - €6.95, which is a damn sight cheaper than the delivery costs from a UK to UK delievry from Ebay sellers.  Total cost is €96.94.  Make sure you have checked the circles agreeing to the terms and conditions.  Then you need to click on the “Bestellung abschicken” button on the bottom right to proceed to the payment screen.

7.  Finally you need to pay by your credit card.  The site usually a german verification website called, it is very simple to use and is like the mastercard securecode that we use in the UK.  Fill in the boxes and you are away and voila….

I hope this post helps a lot of people get a Wii Fit before they sell out again!!!  :)

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79 Responses to “Stock of Wii Fit from Europe will deliver to the UK”

  1. Brilliant you are a legend!

    I don’t mind the wait, it feels so good that I’ve not paid a small fortune on Ebay!


    Jem x

  2. Thats bit problem if i bought this from germany but the games will be germany language?? how we can amend it?then please let me know then i will order it

  3. Hi Jan,

    The language of the game is set by your Wii Console, which will be English.

    The instruction manual for the game is in German, so I’ll added a link to download an english instruction manual from the nintendo website.

    Hope that helps


  4. Hi Dan
    How long did it take for youte receive your wii fit?

  5. Hi Jules,

    It arrived this morning. I ordered it on the evening of 22nd July. So that’s taken about 2 weeks, or approx 10 working days?

    Not bad really!!


  6. Hey Thanks for this!!
    I just ordered one…it was a tricky process but your notes and a google translator helped :o)
    Its ordered and on its way.

    Do you know of anyone that has ordered it and got it?


  7. Ordered from Beucher on 30/07/08. Still waiting unfortunately. The site now states 6-10 days for shipping, rather than 3-5 originally.

  8. Thanks for this link
    Ordered Tuesday 5th August, delivered today the 8th. Excellent service, helped tremendously from the information here and the translation sites

  9. Ordered on the 6th August and delivered on the 11th August by DHL. Thanks for all the assistance Dan.

  10. where on the site does it give you estimated delivery?

  11. Got my email today saying its been dispatched. Will let you know when my wii fit arrives.I love this site. Also got my wii with help from here at at xmas before they stopped shopping to uk.

  12. Don’t forget to redeem a 5 Euro voucher for your purchase at A quick Google search should bring up a few codes, just search for something like “5€ Gutschein” or “ Gutscheine” and then enter one in the “Gutschein einlösen” field and submit it by clicking on the green “Gutschein einlösen” link below that field.

  13. Fantastic! Ordered it on Saturday, here on Thursday. Many thanks for excellent suggestion and guidance. Could have saved hours of desperate searching if I had come to you first. Together we will beat the ebay rip-off merchants!

  14. Do you have to pay by credit card or is a debit card sufficient?

  15. Thank you Dan!

    Ordered mine on 11th arrived to day on the 15th. Great instructions! Great Price(96.94EUR(£76.37 delivered))! Great Wii fit!

    Go for it people.

  16. Am I right in assuming that for 89.99 EUR you get a Wii console and a Wii fit game including balance board.
    This seems to good because in the UK, the cheapest console I have seen on the high street is £179 plus another £69 for a Wii fit game.

  17. Wow

    Could not get one from England for love nor money found this site followed the instructions and arrived in 5 days. Mine was delivered by DHL so had to collect from their depot cos I wasn’t in when delivered (Depot was a fair distance) so try to ensure that there is someone in to take delivery unless you live near a DHL depot!!

    Thanks so much for the easy to follow instructions on ordering, it was really easy…..Yippee I am ready to get fit

  18. Graham you get the wii fit and blance board no console, you need to buy that seperately.
    Peter i used my debit card and it went through ok.
    I meant to ask does it plug in to the wii and the electricity or just the wii. The reason im asking is incase i need to buy an adaptor.

  19. liasmum - No you will not need to buy an adaptor. The balance board runs off AA batteries and communicates wirelessly with the console.

  20. My credit card was charged £79.45. Set up was no problem and I can confirm that the language on the console when using Wii Fit is English. The first thing it did was update my system which was a worry because although I have a wireless router I’m not using it. The update is on the Wii fit disk so a wireless connection isn’t required. There’s a card included to register the product, which will require internet access. Do we need to do this?

  21. will the powersupply work in the uk? As the uk version of the wii console is only compatiable within the uk and malta.

  22. Hi,
    I ordered my wii fit on 14th and my card still hasnt been charged. how long does it usually take?

  23. My wii fit arrived today woohoo. Thanks for the help in ordering.

  24. Glad everyone has found this guide helpful…

    Yvette - The Wii Fit is wireless and runs on 4xAA batteries.

  25. Thanks for the info. However, I cannot see the point in ordering this game from Germany and paying approximately £76 for it.
    I have looked online and I can purchase a Wii fit game including a balance board from my local Argos store in the UK for £69.99.
    Just thought I would let you know.

  26. panic over (i think!) have tracked my order and there is now a DHL track number, must be a good sign huh? still not been charged though!
    Graham if you can get one in your local argos you are very lucky as all the argos/game/comet/you name it! stores, have been out of stock in my area for months!

  27. Thanks for the info. I ordered one last Monday and I had it on Friday. These guys must be gearing up for UK customers. I wander why they have not translated their site?

  28. Unless things have improved drastically the Wii Fit is not going to be readily available for collection at Argos. You may be lucky but I’d rather be certain and pay a reasonable premium than constantly searching and just missing out. As Christmas draws closer and the pound weakens the problems could well increase.

  29. Got my wii fit today (Weds) - ordered Sunday. Thank you so much for your helpful site!xxx

  30. Thank you, this worked fantastically. Ordered on Sunday (17th) and received today (Wed 20th)!

  31. Thanks…
    Ordered on the evening of the 12th…
    Emailed to inform me they’d dispatched it on the 13th…
    Received on the 15th…

    Starts up in English, as is the manual, and the writing on the box, disc etc…


  32. Great site - thanks for the info - I ordered mine last Friday and it arrived today - can’t beat that service locally I should think and with the coupon it was only €91.50 which came to £74 which is very reasonalbe indeed!

  33. I have just ordered my wii fit from this site. Thanks for all the instructions. I have been looking everywhere for one and can’t find them anywhere. Fingers crossed I get it soon!!! Thanks again!

  34. Chloe have you got yours yet? My card has nt been charged yet but its in pending. I dont care cos ive got my wii fit lol.

  35. Wow!!
    we ordered our Wii Fit on Monday nite, and recieved it on Thurs morning! It automatically syncs up with your English Wii console - and it was super easy to set it up!
    Thank you so much for all the help!! very happy :)

  36. Hi, placed an order on Wed 20/08 but have had not email confirmation of dispatch yet. Does this usually come straight away?

  37. Can I check please that when everyone has made an order did their status say Vorbestellt Ive checked and that means reserved. Just worrying a bit now as I ordered it yesterday morning. Does anyone know how long it takes to dispatch them? Desperate for my Wii Fit!!!

  38. spot on,great info here and stopped me getting robbed by “the bay” thanks

  39. ive just ordered mine on the 2st ive received 2 emails so far but what i can make out it haven’t been dispacted yet. just wondering how long it would normally take.

  40. Smyths toy shops have plenty of wii fit in stock right now. I bought one off the shelf in Mitcham this afternoon. They have stores in greater london, salisbury and northern ireland. they also have them in regularly in Game. You have to ring Game in the morning to check and then get down to the store on the day of delivery. I wouldn’t buy one like this from Germany.

  41. Why would nt you buy one from germany? They are the same as the ones you are talking about. I got my wii from germany as where i live the wii and wii fit are few and far between.

  42. I must admit I thought that it may be a scam but I ordered mine on 21st and have received it today the 28th. I got 2 emails first and then one to say it had been dispatched yesterday. I have had loads of problems getting one in the uk so am very glad I ordered it from the German site. The guide that helps you but it is excellent too and really helped.

  43. wooh-hooo ! got mime today 8 days in total including a weekend and our bank holiday, thanks for the fanastic info, i feel thinner already ( well a few £’s anyway, lol)

  44. Submitted an order on the 23rd but the status has no changed since then - it looks as if its a pre-order - Vorbestellt.

    Anyone know how I progress this order or should I not worry. Certainly does not look like its getting despatched within the 5 days they indicated.

  45. I ordered mine on Thursday and my status says it is reserved!!! Did everyone else’s say this?

  46. Stevo Have you received yours yet, i ordered mine on the 22nd August and had 2 e mails but none relating to the order. It still says reserved. My card hasnt been charged yet either.

  47. Ordered mine on 24th August said 3-5 days delivery still not received, it still says reserved, had 2 emails but none relating to the order.

  48. Sandy dont worry i had mine before my card was charged.

  49. After reading the comments I took the plunge on Saturday 30th Aug.I received 2 e-mails straight away one with a link to status of order. All week long it has said reserved.Dose this change on their site or do they send you another e-mail when it is ready for dispatch?

  50. Steve, you will receive a third email once your item has been dispatched.

  51. Used this site to orginally buy my Wii from and today ordered my wii fit from, it says 3-5 days but i am sure it will take longer.
    But not too worry i’m sure it will get here when it does.
    Price is a few pounds more than that in the UK shops but then again have you tried finding it at the normal price and not wrapped up as a bundle almost impossible :-(

    Have fun


  52. Following your excellent instructions I have ordered the Wii fit and wait in anticipation. You know what it’s like when you order from an unknown source.I just couldn’t bare to get ripped off in Britain.

  53. Thanks liasmum. I am a bit concerned as i have never ordered outside of the UK before, so i dont know what to expect. What makes it worse is that they say 3-5 days delivery. As chippy436 says it will get here when it does. ( I hope). I’m Sooooo impatient.

  54. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the excellent instructions. I followed them to the letter, ordered 21 August arrived 28th and that’s with the Bank Holiday inbetween. Thanks again.

  55. Just checked my order status and it has now changed on their official site from “reserved” to “Order processing” hopefully it will be here in a few days.

  56. Hi I just ahd a email to say its on its way . I’m so excited. Thanks for the instructions on how to order, I was afraid I’d never get one.

  57. I have received mine today, I ordered on 24th August thanks for the instructions on ordering.

  58. Wii Fit with DHL and is on its way.

  59. Have placed my order, and yes - it will come when it comes!!

    Huge THANK YOU for the patience it took to produce such clear instructions - your effort is definitely appreciated

    Thanks for all your comments - gives an idea what to expect as well.


  60. Hi everyone,

    I’m glad so many people have managed to order a Wii Fit from my guide. I think it is definitely worthwhile getting one now as the stock situation here in the UK is just going to get worse and worse…

    Many thanks for all the kind words that I’ve had, either here on the comments section, or through email. Some people have wished to thank me, so it may be cheeky but I’ve set up a Paypal donate page to “Dan’s Beer Fund”….

    If you would like to “Pledge me a pint” then it would be much appreciated, click on the button below….

    If “pledging me a pint” is not your thing then maybe you would consider donating to a charity… I recently completed the CzechWrecks Rally through Europe and I’m raising money for a local North-East Charity, The Children’s Foundation.

    If you wish to donate then click on the link below, any donation would be appreciated.

    Thanks again,


  61. Hi everyone,

    I received my copy last week, I’ve not lost any weight yet, but hey there’s still time!

    Glad you’ve put up a donate page, as I’m happy to buy you a pint. Enjoy my friend as you deserve it.

    Thanks a lot,


  62. well its on its way, i’ve had the email confirming it.

    not sure how to check where exactly it is but i got the email on Thursday so i reckon tomorrow will be the day.

    can’t wait :-)



  63. Does anyone know how long a order should say “2 Artikel in Bearbeitung” Where would it say reserved or dispatched? The funds have been taken from my account, I ordered them a week ago 1 for me and 1 for my Neighbour.. Walked into Toys R us yesterda though and there were people walking out with them.. They had 100 delivered! I brought one incase this goes belly up.

    Thanks All.

  64. Many thanks for your instructions. I ordered mine from on 3rd Sep, got a despatch confirmation on the 11th and it arrived today (15th Sep). That’ll be one delighted daughter when her birthday comes!

  65. Ordered mine on 26.08.08, sat at the reserved status for ages, then on 09.09.08 the status changed to dispatched and it arrived by DHL on 12.09.08, so a total of 2.5 weeks from start to finish, which considereing I had sat for 2 bloody weeks previously listening to the alarm going off on one of the wii fit stock checking sites and never managed to get one, I was happy about. Now got loads of people from work wanting me to order them from Beucher for them. Thanks for your help - it is just a shame the thing tells lies and says I am overwight and my wii fit age is 10 year more than it should be ;-)!

  66. My Wii fit arrived this morning. A total of 16 days (inc 2 weekends) from order to delivery. Wii fit is the same as the one you get in this country and instruction manual had a section in English. Total inc delivery£74.20(used 5 euro discount code as suggested by Andy)
    Thanks Dan for alerting everyone to this German company and your great step by step instructions. Your pint is on its way to you as I type.

  67. got mine yesterday and we’ve not been off it since.. its great.

    Super Hula Hoop for 6 minutes is pretty hard work ;-)

    took a total of 8 days from ordering to arriving.

    all manuals have an english section but we’ve not even looked at it.

    regards and thanks for the tip to buy from Germany


  68. is the writing on the german wii fit box itself in English or German?

  69. The writing on the box (as in the big cardboard box that the game and balance board comes in) is multi-lingual with all the main European languages…

    The writing on the Wii Fit game box is in German.


  70. ordered on the 15th

    Nothing yet…and no money taken

    should I be concerned?

  71. Hi all
    ordered 19th sept arrived today(23/09/08) including a weekend.
    Thanks so much for the guide.

  72. I was beginning to doubt its arrival but none-the-less mine came on Monday. Two weeks total from order to destination, just pleased and happy it came. Thanks for providing the gateway dhibell, pledged pint is on its way to you.

  73. Arrived this morning…….

    Brilliant…thanks for the step by step instructions

    now to open the box :)

  74. well had it now for over week and already opened all the different excersies.
    its a really good and i have lost 1.5 kg already.

    i would recommend the wii fit to anyone who wants a bit of fun whilst exercising, the 10 minute hula hoops is really hard and i find the yoga really great.

    have fun


  75. Are people finding that Wii Fit is now more readily available online in in the stores? Seems to me that the Wii Fit shortage is finally ending.

  76. I think that there are definitely more stock available than there was…

    As Game, gamestation and places like comet and dixons seem to have plenty of bundles availalble online. See my bundles stock post here

    I’m just concerned that the Christmas rush hasn’t even started yet!! I think that we’ll find that the UK will have another major shortage in October or November… They may even have the same problem with the Wii console again…


  77. You are an absolute star!!! Ordered one on Saturday and it turned up this morning (Thursday). Connected it up and all is working fine and I’m the Ideal weight apparently!! ;-0)

    Going to order another one now for my neice.

    Thanks again.


  78. wow thanks sooooooooooo much for posting this!!!!! your a legend!!! been scouring the net for weeks in the hope of finding one and when i came across this site i couldnt beleive it!! :0)

    just ordered my Wii Fit and at only £5 more than in the uk shops!!

    i will re post when i receive it!!

    cheers again


  79. hi everyone… just an update on my wii fit…. i ordered it on 23rd oct and just checked the status of it online and says ready to dispatch on 14th nov 2008!!?? so seems im looking for a month delivery from when i ordered… anyone else experienced this issue? i dont mind the wait but im just hoping they actually have the stock in :-s

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