Street Fighter Alpha 2 Wii Virtual Console Game Review

M Bison Street Fighter Alpha 2Any gamer over the age of ten is sure to have heard of the famous Street Fighter games that have appeared on numerous consoles and arcades for the last twenty years.  The Street Fighter series is one of the most prestigious and innovative third party video game series and was one of Capcom’s earliest successes.  One of the most famous games in the series, Street Fighter Alpha 2, originally released on the Super Nintendo has just been re-released on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console for 800 Nintendo Points.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is a fighting game that allows you to play as many of the Street Fighter series’ characters including Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Charlie and more.  Each character has his or her own storyline.  Each character also has his or her own fighting styles, strengths, and weaknesses.

The presentation is very good for an old SNES game.  The graphics are colorful, sharp, and smooth that really has that Super Nintendo style to it.  The sounds, while stellar in the day are very outdated and obsolete.  The music is cheesy and the characters mainly grunt when they speak.  The customization of the AI in the game is outstanding.  There are so many different levels of difficulty to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect skill level to play against that provides an appropriate challenge without being too frustrating.  I really like all the different ways to customize the game to create the exact game you want.

The controls are solid.  They have a great layout on the Wii’s original Classic Remote.  There are six button presses to memorize for lay gamers and of course, super complex combos for the advanced players.  It is very hard for a non fighting fan to learn the advanced controls and combos.  For beginners, the game basically comes down to button mashing and dumb luck at times.

The gameplay is pretty good for an old fighting game.  There are two modes to play, single and multiplayer mode.  Single player mode lets you choose a character and fight a list of opponents.  Multiplayer mode allows you to fight with a friend.  Each mode is fairly well done, but not much attention is paid to the story.  The pacing is quick, but not overly fast like Mortal Kombat or the Power Stone series.

Here is something that Street Fighter Alpha 2 could have used.  What a great movie this was:

All in all, Street Fighter Alpha 2 is a decent game for the average gamer, and a very good game for a fighting game fan.  It has lost some staying power due to newer games and technology, but does hold up decently, considering it’s fifteen years old.  It has its moments, but is nowhere in the league of Shenmue’s 1 and 2 or the Power Stone games, all of which I recommend over this game.  Any gamer that doesn’t like fighting games should not download this game, but if you do like fighting games, Street Fighter Alpha 2 may be worth the $8 for the download.  While this game may have been a watershed moment in fighting video games in the 1990‘s, for me, it was Tuesday…

Game review by Anthony Lifrieri.

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