Super Mario Bros 3 Virtual Console Review

Super Mario Bros 3If you ask gamers that came of age during the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System what is the best game on the console, a lot of them would probably say that Super Mario Brothers 3 is the best of the bunch.  It came out in 1990 and is far and away the best game of the Mario series, including it’s spin-offs.  Not only that, it is the greatest platforming game of all time.  Now, almost twenty years later you can download Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Wii on the Virtual console for just 500 Nintendo Points.

Super Mario Brothers 3 picks up in the mushroom kingdom where King Koopa has once again conquered the world and kidnapped Princess Toadstool.  The only way to right the mushroom world is for Mario to go through the eight lands, clear the levels and take back the magical wands that were stolen from the kings of the lands.  Each land has it’s on unique feature and the game in general was meticulously crafted to perfection.  This is really the first Mario game to have a solid story that is explained through cut scenes.  Before that, you really had to learn the stories in the first games from a friend or through reading the manual.  The story is so well told, any gamer can pick up the game and figure out the story without any knowledge of Mario, a rarity for the NES.

The game looks and sounds just like the NES version.  The colors are bright, the game has no lagging whatsoever, and the graphics are clear and crisp.  Compared to Super Mario Bros. 1 the graphics are a lot better.  The sounds are retro but still hold up thanks to nostalgia.  It’s amazing to see how many of the sounds are still in Mario games from games back then.  The music is also top notch as in all the Mario games.  The controls are a perfect port from the NES remote to a sideways Wii Remote.

The gameplay is in short, brilliant.  It’s fun, addicting, and fresh even after all these years.  It is just platforming perfection.   The classical power ups are all in the game.  The mushrooms, stars, and fire flowers are back and also debuting are the new suits.  The leaf allows Mario to fly, a first in the series.  There’s also the raccoon suit, frog suit, and the hammer suit.  There are also fun mini games to play that including a timing game and a matching game, each rewarding you with extra lives.  There are also lots of secrets to be found throughout the levels.

Super Mario Brothers 3 is one of the greatest games ever made and definitely worth downloading on the Virtual Console.  It is the best Mario game ever in a time where Mario needed a great game with the atrocity that was the American version of Super Mario Brothers 2.  Any gamer, young or old will love this game as it’s fun gameplay will appeal to all types of gamers.   It is well worth the $5 and I highly recommend Super Mario Brothers 3.

Game review by Anthony Lifrieri.

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