Super Mario Bros Wii Virtual Console Game Review

Super Mario BrosTwenty four years ago a game debuted that changed gaming forever.  Super Mario Brothers revolutionized gaming and showed the world of video gamers that consoles could produce great gaming right in the comfort of their own home.  In fact, it is at that very moment that the battle between arcades and home consoles had reached the beginning of the end.  Now you can download the exact port of Super Mario Brothers for 500 Nintendo Points on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console.

Super Mario Brothers is about a plumber named Mario and his brother Luigi who are tasked with saving the mushroom kingdom from the evil King Koopa by saving Princess Toadstool.  To do this Mario must journey through worlds and stages to defeat Koopa.

The graphics in Super Mario Brothers are outdated.  If you compare the change in Mario from the first to the third game, the difference is startling.  That being said, anyone downloading this game is not doing so for the graphics that were cutting edge in 1984.  The sound effects are old fashioned but still wildly entertaining in a retro way.  All of the old sounds are there from the original.  The controls are pretty solid on the Wii Remote.  The Wiimote is basically the NES remote on its side so you really get an authentic gaming experience.

The gameplay is pretty good and for a game older than the person writing it, holds up well.  It is the quintessential platformer where you must jump, dodge, and run though challenging levels to your objective.  There are three power ups you can get to make you more powerful.  The mushroom makes Mario “Super” by increasing his size and allows him to take a hit from an enemy without dying.  The fire flower allows him to shoot fireballs that destroy enemies once hit.  There’s also the star which makes Mario invulnerable for a brief period.  Finally if you’re lucky enough to get one, the green mushroom gives you an extra life.

In the original game you had to beat the game in one sitting or use warp zones to progress to the end of the game.  The Wii version can save your spot in between sessions which is a big boost.  This is achieved by going back to the main menu any time you wish to quit playing.  When you go back to the game, you pick up right where you left off.  This save feature is the biggest perk of downloading Super Mario Brothers on the Wii because it allows you to take your time and enjoy the game rather than just rushing through it.

Super Mario Brothers is arguably the most important game in the history of video games.  It has great gameplay that has lasting power over the decades that still holds up.  In fact I prefer Super Mario’s 1 and 3 over any other Mario game in the series.  It’s definitely worth the $5 download, both for younger gamers and Mario nuts.  It’s a great way to brush up on your Mario before the New Super Mario Brothers comes out in a couple of months.

Game review by Anthony Lifrieri.

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