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Guitar Hero: World Tour is released today in the UK

Guitar Hero: World Tour is released today in the UK

Guitar Hero World Tour (Or Guitar Hero 4/IV) is released today in the UK.  Or at least the Solus game is, and the bundle with the Solo Guitar Pack.
Personally, I’ve pre-ordered the Band Bundle.  This is released in a weeks time (14th November 2008) across all platforms (Wii, PS3, PS3, Xbox 360).  So why should [...]

UK Stock of Guitar Hero World Tour available now to order

The latest edition of Guitar Hero, (originally named Guitar Hero IV or 4) is due for release on the Wii on November 7th 2008 in the UK.  (It is released on 26th October in the USA)  It will be a joint launch with the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PS2.
Stock is currently available from multiple [...]

Guitar Hero Aerosmith Edition stock available now

Being released in 2 days is the next installment of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Edition!
The original was one of the biggest sellers of the year on all platforms.  I can’t see why this version won’t be as successful!!
The Aerosmith bundle edition is full of all the bands greatest hits and even comes with it’s own branded [...]