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Zelda fans wait is over as skyward sword hits the Wii

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is due for release on 18th November 2011 and is already garnering high critical acclaim
14th November 2011: 2011 has truly been the year of Zelda, with Nintendo celebrating the 25th anniversary of the epic adventure series, The Legend of Zelda™. To cap off what has been a year [...]

How About A Wii Returns

I’ve neglected this blog for too long!
So How About A Wii is back…  I’ll be blogging semi-regularly about all Wii related news.  Especially the gossip, rumours, facts or half-truths about the upcoming sequel to the Nintendo Wii.
Nintendo haven’t released a massive amount of details yet, or even confirmed the name, just that it is codenamed [...]

Red Steel 2 UK release date and pre order

Red Steel 2 UK release date and pre order

The original Red Steel was one of the most hyped games when the Wii was launched in 2006.  Unfortunately, it was probably the biggest disappointments of the launch games.  We all dreamed of being able to use the Wii controller to slice and dice the bad guys with accuracy!  This was not the case as [...]

Lego Batman soon to be released for Wii

The Lego team are bringing out another game on the Wii soon, and it’s going to be Batman!
After the success of their two previous outings: Lego Star Wars & Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman is going to be swooping onto the Wii for UK release on 1st October 2008.
The caped crusader will be joined by [...]