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Launch of Wii Fit Stock Checker on Howaboutawii

Launch of Wii Fit Stock Checker on Howaboutawii

For a long time now I’ve wanted to create a stock-checker for Howaboutawii.
The time has finally come, and after testing for the past few days a Wii Fit Stock Checker is now up and running on the page at the top of the site.
The URL is:
Hopefully, this will enable people to find the right [...]

Get your copy of Wii Fit before Christmas arrives

I really like my Wii Fit – granted I don’t use it enough and I haven’t lost any weight – but I still love it!!!
Its fantastic when you have got friends round, everybody has had a few drinks, and the Balance Board gets pulled out from under the TV stand!
We did this recently and it [...]

Stock of Wii Fit from Europe will deliver to the UK

As promised here is my how-to order guide for a Wii Fit.  The total cost to you for your Wii Fit will be €96.94.  Which will be approximately £76.  Sounds better than paying >£100 on Ebay.
To go to the retailer click here.
As you can see the retailer is from Germany.  It will work perfectly well [...]

Ordering a Wii Fit Experiment

I have found a European Online retailer that  has allowed me to place an order for a Wii Fit & the Balance Board.  I placed the order on Tuesday night (22/07/08).
They deliver to the UK, and said that it would be delivered in 3-5 days….
If all goes well, it shoud be despatched either today or [...]