The Beatles Rock Band Wii Game Review

The Beatles Rock BandThe Beatles Rock Band is a new highly anticipated game released on many systems including the Nintendo Wii. It is the first video game to not only feature the fab four, but is fully licensed by them. There has been a great deal of buzz on the game and the entire Beatles catalogue was re-released to coincide with the release of the game.

The Beatles: Rock Band puts you in the shoes of John, Paul, George, and Ringo to play their famous songs from their successful decade of dominance. The story mode is little more than cool cut scenes that show various actions during their tours, venues, and studio work but if you know anything about the Beatles you’ll get it. There is a pretty good list of songs to play and that is an understatement. However there were a few songs left out that shouldn’t have been. There is no excuse for there to be no Glass Onion or Happiness is a Warm Gun. Both are great songs, and being politically correct isn’t an excuse because Helter Skelter is on the set list.

The graphics are good. They are cartooned versions of the Beatles themselves and they look very much like the actual Beatles. For once we can all say the graphics in the Wii version are exactly the same as on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The venues and dreamscapes are also great and they each reflect a different stage in the Beatles’ lifespan.

The sound is outstanding. All the songs are clear and crisp and The Beatles: Rock Band can probably boast the greatest sound track for a video game ever. Other sound effects are on the money.

The gameplay of The Beatles: Rock Band is amazing. All of the songs are well done and more challenging to play than expected. The harmonies are well done and a tutorial on harmonies and Ringo’s distinctive drum style is a must do before getting into the thick of things in the game. Once you get into the sets you’ll be challenged to play the song as accurately as possible. If you can accomplish this then you will be treated to footage of the Beatles during their heyday. Some of the footage is very rare and some of it has never been seen before. They are real gems.

The Beatles: Rock Band is a flat out great game. Like all Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, they are meant to played in groups with your friends. The gameplay isn’t that different than any other Rock Band game but it’s the intangibles that make this game so special. The fact that it’s the Beatles likeness, music, and voices take it to the next level. The story mode, visuals and music bring us back to the days when the Beatles were the kings of music, and people could write a lyric. For the past five years we have marveled at the fad that is music games but The Beatles: Rock Band clearly establishes the apex of rock video games. We’ll never see another band like the Beatles ever again, so everyone should embrace this game and appreciate John, Paul, George, and Ringo for the geniuses they really are.

Game review by Anthony Lifrieri.
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The Beatles Rock Band game was released worldwide on 09/09/09, it is currently in stock on all platforms accross the UK. The table below has links to take you straight to the order pages on and

Retailer Description Price Link
The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Band in a Box £174.96
The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Band in a Box £179.99
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3 Responses to “The Beatles Rock Band Wii Game Review”

  1. Great review, I got this on launch day and haven’t stopped playing since!

    It is quite simply brilliant. I love it!

  2. I was really disapointed with the graphics. They look far too jaged with simi-robotic movments. I don’t see how it’s as good as the 360 and PS3 graphics, which looked amazing in the trailers. Unless it’s an issue with the PAL version…

  3. I love the Beatles! This game looks perfect for me. I think I’ll get on Saturday when I’m in town.

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