The Winner of the Wii Fit Plus Competition is

Wii Fit PlusHi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the Wii Fit Plus Competition.

I am happy to announce that have decided upon a winner for the best answer to the question that was posed:

“What do you love most about the Wii?”

The winner is Carol Shreeve!

With the answer:

Why do I love my wii?
Because it is important you see
seven kids, six grandchildren all agree
It’s for all the family, even ME!
I am fiftyone years old,
To me my wii is just pure gold

Congratulations to Carol! I have just emailed you to congratulate you! Please could you respond with your postal address so the prize will be shipped to you on launch day - Friday 30th October!

A big thank you everyone who has entered, please watch out for more competitions from in the future.

Congratulations again Carol and I hope you enjoy the new game!

For you who haven’t won check out the Wii Fit Plus preorder page to find the best deal on the internet for you, as this game is going to sell out like hotcakes! Especially with the endorsement from the NHS!

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