Top 5 Wii Games for Christmas 2009

Wii Christmas TreeThe Christmas period for the Nintendo Wii has always been incredibly hectic since the initial launch in 2006. This year will be no exception, with a plethora of upcoming Wii games scheduled for release in the next few months. I’ve previewed most of the best Wii games that are available for pre-order this 2009 Christmas on previous posts. So I’ve decided to now rank, and recommend to you, my top 5 Wii games for Christmas 2009.

So, my Top five games for the Wii this Christmas are:

Top 5 Game Description Review
Wii Fit Plus
Wii Fit Plus is the update to the amazingly successful Wii Fit game. The original has sold over 18 million copies, and Wii Fit plus has all of the games plus 15 new balance board games, and 6 new Yoga and Strength-Training exercises. It is surely going to be the biggest selling Wii game this Christmas period. It is released here in the UK on October 30th. Read the FULL REVIEW HERE
Current Price = £74.99
DJ Hero
The next part of the Guitar Hero franchise is the amazing looking DJ Hero. It comes bundled with a Turntable controller kit and has some of the biggest names in music associated with the game. There is even an exclusive version called Renegade Edition that features Jay-Z and Eminem. You can play alone, with another turntable controller or with a guitar too. Release date is October 30th. Read the FULL REVIEW HERE
Current Price = £89.99
New Super Mario Bros Wii
The Mario Bros are back in 2D form. For the first time since the original game, multiplayer is available. Battle the Koopas with upto 4 players at once in the incredible side-scrolling Wii game. You can help each other out or compete for the coins that are available on each level! This to me, as a classic nintendo fan a must-have. Release date is November 20th Read the FULL REVIEW HERE
Current Price = £34.99
Tony Hawk Ride
If you think of skateboarding video games, the only name that comes up is Tony Hawk - the godfather of the sport. Ride is bundled with it’s own exclusive Wii Skateboard controller. Finally, you can physically do all of the skateboarding yourself, rather than having to push buttons. I’m really excited by this game, I just hope I’m not disappointed. Release date is 4th December. Read the FULL REVIEW HERE
Current Price = £94.96
James Camerons Avatar
James Cameron of Titanic fame is developing one of the most groundbreaking 3D movies ever. The video game looks spectular, and rumours are circulating that it too could be played in 3D with polarised glasses. I’m excited by the movie, and the video game should hopefully do this amazing movie justice. We’ll find out on the release date of 30th December (Just after Christmas I know!) Read the FULL REVIEW HERE
Current Price = £24.99

Check out each individual video for each game below:

1. Wii Fit Plus

2. DJ Hero

3. New Super Mario Bros Wii

4. Tony Hawk Ride

5. James Camerons Avatar

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  1. new super mario bros is my number one list. Love this game, bring my childhood memory

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